Stop the war threats against Korea!

first_imgMay 17 — Workers World Party (U.S.) condemns the threatening moves made by the Trump administration and the Pentagon that have deliberately undercut the momentum and planning for a June 12 summit meeting between the U.S. and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is the U.S. government’s actions and statements that have called into question the planned discussions to improve relations between the two nuclear powers.At this very moment, the U.S. and South Korea are conducting joint military exercises simulating an invasion of the DPRK. Called operation Max Thunder, these exercises involve some 100 warplanes, including nuclear-capable B-52 bombers and F-22 Raptor stealth fighter jets.Last month, similarly threatening U.S.-S.K. military operations — Foal Eagle and Key Resolve — took place despite efforts by the DPRK to decrease tensions by meeting with South Korean officials and inviting President Donald Trump to a summit with Kim Jong Un.The U.S. calls its military provocations “defensive.” There is nothing defensive about them. They are taking place thousands of miles away from the U.S., on the very border of the DPRK, a country the U.S. ravaged from 1950 to 1953. While the Pentagon killed millions of Korean people in that war, it could not defeat the revolutionary government that had liberated the north from Japanese colonial rule at the end of World War II. But Washington has never agreed to end the formal state of war that continues to exist now, 65 years later.Trump’s appointment of John Bolton to national security adviser in late March was a sign that the White House was moving toward greater confrontation with the DPRK. Bolton is an unapologetic war hawk who has gone on record advocating a pre-emptive strike against the DPRK. Bolton has threatened the Koreans with the fate of Libya if it does not immediately denuclearize, and Trump has repeated his words. Libya gave up trying to acquire nuclear weapons on the promise of peace, but instead was invaded and dismembered.But the DPRK is not Libya. It is a nuclear power and can retaliate if attacked.On May 16, Kim Kye Gwan, first vice minister of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, released a statement saying: “If the Trump administration takes an approach to the DPRK-U.S. summit with sincerity for improved DPRK-U.S. relations, it will receive a deserved response from us. However, if the U.S. is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in such dialogue and cannot but reconsider our proceeding to the DPRK-U.S. summit.”In the interests of the people of the U.S. and Korea, we call on anti-war forces in the U.S. to urgently denounce this dangerous maneuvering by the reactionary Trump administration.We must demand that the U.S. cease its hostile war “games,” sign a peace treaty with the DPRK, end its military occupation of South Korea and bring the troops home!FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Refugee routes blocked for reporters as well

first_img Follow the news on Europe – Central Asia Threats, intimidation, arrest, prosecution, denial of permits, rejection of interview requests, seizure of equipment and deportation – such are the methods used by governments to obstruct media coverage of refugees. It is the 21st century’s biggest humanitarian crisis, which Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is examining for World Refugee Day, on the 20th of June 2018. June 8, 2021 Find out more News RSF_en June 7, 2021 Find out more News News Respect judicial independence in cases of two leading journalists in Serbia and Montenegro, RSF says Help by sharing this information When La Repubblica journalist Alessandro Puglia submitted his story, which included interviews with migrants describing how they were “treated like animals,” he thought it would it would lead to an investigation into the centre.Although the Italian judicial authorities did get involved, Puglia became their target, not the centre. The reporter who had exposed how the centre was flouting the most basic right of the migrants is being prosecuted for defamation and has been insulted and threatened on social networks. The trial is scheduled for October. Puglia says the worst and most “unacceptable” aspect of this episode, has been encountering “a legal form of intimidation” designed to “discourage journalists from doing their work.”In the Alpes-Maritimes region of southeastern France that borders Italy, reporters covering migration issues have to deal with another “legal form of intimidation,” this one by the police. “It’s the only story in which I have encountered so much harassment,” said photographer Laurent Carré although, as a regional correspondent for various French dailies including Libération, he often works on stories involving the police.Carré has lost count of the number of times he has had to show his press card and assert his “right to be able to photograph” police and refugees together on the public highway “to police officers who tell me the contrary.” In January 2017, he was even manhandled and thrown to the ground by gendarmes who had just arrived in force at the home of Cédric Herrou, a farmer who is being prosecuted for helping migrants. On one occasion, a gendarme who recognized Carré told him: “Monsieur, I advise you to stop covering these stories because you’re going to have problems.”Arrested while reportingUS reporter Spencer Wolff faced such problems. He had spent the past several months filming a documentary for The Guardian about residents in the Roya valley near the French and Italian border who help migrants, when he was arrested in June 2017 and spent 24 hours and 55 minutes in police custody on a charge of assisting illegal migrants. The gendarmes who arrested him were ones he had filmed a few weeks earlier while following some of the subjects of his documentary. “They knew full well that I was journalist but they interrogated me at length for information about Cédric Herrou,” he said.Lisa Giachino, the editor of the monthly L’âge de Faire, spent ten hours in police custody after being arrested by the Frontier Police (PAF) as she accompanied six Eritrean minors in the Alpes-Maritimes region in January 2017. “The police didn’t dispute the fact that I was a journalist when they told me they were taking me into custody,” she wrote in an editorial. “Hundreds of soldiers, gendarmes, police officers and judicial officials have been deployed in Alpes-Maritimes to hunt for migrants and to harass those who help them and even those who just take an interest in them,” the editorial concluded.Behind the official goal of breaking up migrant-smuggler networks, “there is clearly a desire to obstruct our reporting on the ground,” freelance journalist Raphaël Krafft said. Krafft has done many stories about migrants in the Mediterranean border town of Ventimiglia, on the refugee rescue boat Aquarius, in Alpine border passes and in the Briançon region, where he was arrested in December 2017 with Caroline Christinaz, a reporter for the Swiss daily Le Temps.“But it is not just the police who prevent us from working,” Krafft added. “We are also blocked by municipal authorities and different state agencies that don’t respond to our requests.” In both France and Italy, he said, requests for interviews with officials directly involved in migrant issues or authorizing access to refugee camps are never successful. This is not new. As a participant in the “Open Access Now” campaign in 2012, RSF drew attention to the fact that reporters were being denied access to migrant detention centres almost everywhere in Europe.“Our societies cannot dispense with media coverage of migration crises, which are now at the centre of the public debate in Europe and elsewhere,” RSF secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “Covering this story cannot be regarded as a crime. So why detain journalists, seize their equipment and deny them access to refugee detention camps? Governments have a duty and responsibility to not obstruct journalism on security grounds and not promote a rosy view of an often tragic reality.”Reporting that shows basic rights being floutedReporting on migrants “challenges the authorities about the legality of what they are doing,” Krafft said. “Criminal abandonment, failing to assist persons in danger, refusing to recognize the rights of minors… they are very often on the edge of the law.”This is also what reporter Claire Billet and photographer Olivier Jobard have found. They crossed six borders clandestinely in 2013 in order to cover the journey of five migrants from Kabul to Paris. The boat in which they were travelling was intercepted off Greece. Its motor was removed and then it was pushed back into Turkish waters. “If we had been identified as journalists, we would never have been able to see how the Greek coastguards turn back refugees en masse, which is illegal.”When Billet and Jobard were subsequently spotted at the border by Turkish officials, they were arrested, fined, expelled and banned from returning to Turkey for two years. Their expulsion was carried out in a reasonable fashion. Four years later, after a dramatic decline in media freedom in Turkey in the wake of the July 2016 coup attempt, Italian journalist Gabriele Del Grande ended up going on hunger strike in order to get out of the detention centre in which he had been held for two weeks after being arrested while covering refugees at Turkey’s border with Syria.Restricting coverage of a shameful and inhumane realityOutside Europe, the situation is even worse. At Agadez, in Niger, where the routes of migrants from Guinea, Nigeria, Mali and Sudan intersect, “first-hand reporting is impossible.” Even those with a press card are denied entry to the centre run by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), although “we know that there are thousands of migrants living there in deplorable conditions, with barely enough to eat,” Radio Kaoucen manager Ousmane Oumarou said.In Libya, journalists are terrified nowadays when they go to migrant detention centres, which have been controlled by Libya’s militias since 2014. After a bureaucratic run-around for the necessary permits, they arrive at a centre where “the reality of the conditions inflicted on the migrants is clearly being disguised” and where they have to “film staged scenes at the militiamen’s behest,” RSF was told by a Libyan reporter, who requested anonymity for safety reasons.The reporters comply “out of fear of reprisals.” They film or stop filming on orders. In June 2015, the same reporter was “forced to cut short an interview with a migrant who was crying while describing inhuman detention conditions.” Last year, he watched helplessly as guards used force to prevent a pregnant woman from coming to talk to him.The Pacific gulag’s information “black holes”Thousands of people who have been detained while seeking an international refuge now languish far from cameras and microphones in government-run news and information “black holes.” After imposing offshore asylum processing and moving its detention centres to Pacific islands, Australia has managed to isolate these “Pacific gulags” from the media.After letting Australia use a prison as a migrant detention centre, the small and remote Pacific island state of Nauru prevented media access by establishing a unique visa policy. The charge for a visa application runs as a high as 8,000 euros and is not refundable even when the visa is denied, which is usually the case. And to further limit media attention the Nauruan government found another radical solution – blocking access to Facebook for three years.Journalists are supposed to be banned from Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, where Australia has its other main migrant detention centre. But one of the asylum seekers held there happens to be the Iranian Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani, who has been taking advantage of the limited and costly Internet access available to detainees to cover the reality and the consequences of Australia’s immigration policy since 2014. It’s from inside the centre, using Twitter, Facebook and the British press that this journalist has been describing the “slow agony” of the often “terrified” refugees who are the victims of this “sadistic prison system.”Risky reporting from the insideIt can be dangerous for refugee journalists to cover the abusive treatment of their fellow refugees in the detention centres or camps into which they are crammed. Abdel Hafez al Houlani, a Syrian journalist from Homs who has been living in the refugee camp in Arsal, in eastern Lebanon, since 2015, was held and mistreated for six days after being arrested on 24 May of this year. When he acknowledged under interrogation that he ran the press office of the Union of Syrians for the Defence of Prisoners and was the Zaman Al Wasil news website’s correspondent, and that he covered “anything to do with the Syrian refugees in the Arsal camp, including Lebanese army raids and the frequent arrests,” the insults by his interrogators redoubled. Since his release, he has been summoned for further questioning twice, he thinks he is being followed, and he fears for his life.Minzayar Oo and Hkun Lat, two Burmese journalists who were covering the flight of several hundred thousand Rohingya refugees from Myanmar into neighbouring Bangladesh, feared the worst when the Bangladeshi authorities arrested them in September 2017 on suspicion of spreading “false information” and spying for Myanmar. The Bangladeshi suspicions were fuelled by the fact that Myanmar was not supposed to be letting its journalists cross the border and, even more so, by the fact that it did not want them writing about the atrocities that were driving the Rohingya exodus.By intimidating journalists who cover the refugee story, some governments are not only seeking to conceal their violations of international humanitarian law but also to ensure that their questionable political decisions are ignored or can even be denied outright. Newscenter_img RSF calls for a fully transparent investigation after mine kills two journalists in Azerbaijan “We’ll hold Ilham Aliyev personally responsible if anything happens to this blogger in France” RSF says June 18, 2018 – Updated on August 25, 2018 Refugee routes blocked for reporters as well ARMEND NIMANI / AFP Europe – Central AsiaAsia – PacificAfricaMiddle East – North Africa ItalyFranceTurkeyLibyaNigerAustraliaPapua New GuineaMyanmarUnited StatesAmericasLebanon Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Armed conflictsPhotoreportageViolenceImprisonedFreedom of expression Organisation Receive email alerts Europe – Central AsiaAsia – PacificAfricaMiddle East – North Africa ItalyFranceTurkeyLibyaNigerAustraliaPapua New GuineaMyanmarUnited StatesAmericasLebanon Condemning abusesProtecting journalistsMedia independence Armed conflictsPhotoreportageViolenceImprisonedFreedom of expression to go further June 4, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Japanese journalist expelled and banned from Russia for five years

first_img BelarusEurope – Central Asia May 28, 2021 Find out more May 27, 2021 Find out more December 16, 2004 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Japanese journalist expelled and banned from Russia for five years News Help by sharing this information BelarusEurope – Central Asia “We welcome opening of criminal investigation in Lithuania in response to our complaint against Lukashenko” RSF says Receive email alerts Japanese freelance journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka, a Caucasus specialist, was finally expelled from Russia following a 2 December ruling by a court in Nazran, Ingushetia. He was fined 1,000 roubles and banned from Russian territory for five years. He had conducted a number of interviews in Ingushetia without having accreditation. to go further Newscenter_img Russian media boss drops the pretence and defends Belarus crackdown RSF_en News Follow the news on Belarus June 2, 2021 Find out more RSF at the Belarusian border: “The terrorist is the one who jails journalists and intimidates the public” ———- News Japanese journalist faces five-year ban from Russia3 december 2004Russian versionReporters Without Borders wrote to Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov today voicing concern at the possibility that Japanese freelance journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka could be banned from Russia for five years after reportedly conducting interviews in Ingushetia without being registered or accredited and while travelling on a business visa.The organisation asked Lavrov to clarify why Tsuneoka, a specialist in the Caucasus, was arrested at the station in the Ingush capital of Nazran by station security agents on 19 November and charged with “violating administrative orders.” Ingush security sources told a correspondent with the Russian news agency ITAR-TASS that he would very probably be sentenced to a fine and a five-year ban from Russian territory.”The extension of ‘anti-terrorist action zones’ to more and more places in Russia, especially after the Beslan tragedy, has made it virtually impossible for foreign journalists who want to go to Ingushetia to obtain accreditation,” Reporters Without Borders said.”It would be disproportionate to ban a journalist from Russia for five years because he met refugees and survivors of the Beslan hostage tragedy,” the organisation added.The charges against Tsuneoka were considered by a regional court in Nazran in a preliminary hearing on 30 November. Tsuneoka arrived in Russia on 24 October and at first looked into a committee of mothers of soldiers. Then he went to Vladikavkaz to meet the victims of the Beslan tragedy.Tsuneoka has often visited the Caucasus, visiting both the Russian part of the region and Georgia. He disappeared in the Pankisi Gorge (in the border area between Russia and Georgia) in August 2001 and, according to official accounts, he was released thanks to the intervention of the Georgian intelligence services.Russian version Organisation last_img read more

Sister of slain Jason Corbett steers sailing course to help others…

first_imgLimerickNewsSister of slain Jason Corbett steers sailing course to help others through sea of mental health and addictionBy David Raleigh – April 20, 2021 677 WhatsApp TAGSKeeping Limerick PostedlimerickLimerick Post Linkedin Print WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Advertisement Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live Donal Ryan names Limerick Ladies Football team for League opener Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live center_img Tracey Corbett Lynch photo: twitter.comTHE sister of slain Limerick man Jason Corbett is steering a course, offering sailing to help people through the choppy waters of poor mental health and addiction.Tracey Corbett Lynch, whose brother was beaten to death during his alleged murder in North Carolina in 2015, is manager of the Limerick Mental Health Association (LMHA), which has partnered with Sailing into Wellness (SIW) to introduce the initiative.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up The programme is targeting organisations working with clients in recovery and young people at risk, particularly people in marginalised communities.Ms Lynch who continues to navigate her own journey through bereavement and grief following the loss of her brother, said: “It was once said that the cure for anything is saltwater, whether that comes in the form of sweat, tears or the sea. We are very excited about the potential for this new Sailing into Wellness programme, which makes recovery about living.”“As an island nation we rarely look to the sea to help with our social and physical challenges. We are all equal at sea, together we face the same challenges, the combination of this and treating people with respect as equals provides a powerful environment for change.”The course will include groups of ten people who will set sail on board the vessel, Ilen, out of Foynes Port, Co Limerick in May and June.“This is experiential learning in its rawest form; the benefits go far beyond those of learning sailing). We help to build the life skills which are lost in poor mental health, such as communication, self -confidence, resilience, self-esteem and being part of a team.“It’s been proven that even being close to the sea stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, which is good for mental health,” Ms Lynch said.The Limerick woman won custody of her brother’s children after their father’s killing and has encouraged both children Jack (16) and Sarah (14) – whose mother Margaret Fitzpatrick died in 2006 from an asthma attack – to attend counselling to cope with their loss.In 2019 Sarah Corbett, who was 8 years old when her father was killed, wrote a series of books to help other children through loosing a loved one, while her bother has also performed songs to express his emotions.Sarah’s Boogawooga Series has helped her process her own grief as well as “helping others process their story”.“Writing is a form of therapy for Sarah to express how she feels about the experiences she has had,” Ms Lynch said previously.Colin Healy, co-founder of SIW, said the sailing course was “a fantastic experience of an educational and therapeutic activity where we support our participants to overcome both physical and mental challenges in an environment that is both exhilarating and therapeutic”.“We will take the participants out of their normal environment and into one which inspires and challenges. We are truly fortunate that this programme is part funded by the National Lottery funding which enables us to run a program on the sailing ship Ilen out of Foynes Yacht Club this year. We are fully insured, and all staff are garda vetted.”“We can have 10 clients on board plus our crew under Level 5 restrictions and we have a full set of Covid protocols in place,” Mr. Healy added.Bookings and deposits which will accepted on “a first come first served basis” can be made by emailing [email protected] RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Previous articleBunratty Folk Park to Reopen to the PublicNext articleFuneral details announced for founder of charity Bóthar after tragic death at Limerick home David Raleigh Twitter Email Billy Lee names strong Limerick side to take on Wicklow in crucial Division 3 clash Facebook Roisin Upton excited by “hockey talent coming through” in Limericklast_img read more

Police officer who stood by as man harassed woman in Puerto Rican T-shirt resigns

first_imgABC News(CHICAGO) — The police officer who appeared to stand by and do nothing as a man harassed a woman wearing a Puerto Rican T-shirt in a Chicago park has resigned.Patrick Conner quit the police department of the Forest Preserves of Cook County, according to a statement from the department.Prior to his resignation, Conner had been placed on desk duty in the wake of the June 14 harassment incident.Mia Irizarry posted a Facebook video of the alleged incident, appearing to show a man, later identified by the department as Timothy Tybus, approaching her and criticizing her T-shirt, which is designed with the Puerto Rican flag.“You should not be wearing that in the United States of America,” the man can be heard saying to her on a video she posted on Facebook. “Are you a citizen?”Later in the video, Irizarry is shown asking a nearby Cook County Forest Preserve District police officer, later identified as Conner, for help in getting the man away from her. The video shows the officer appearing not to move any closer to the pair or do anything to actively end the situation.“As you can see the police are not even — he’s not even grabbing him. Like this guy is just walking up to me. He basically got in my face, damn near almost touched me,” Irizarry is heard saying to the camera during the incident.Earlier this week, the parks department confirmed that Trybus was charged with simple assault and that the investigation into the incident was ongoing.“If the investigation confirms the officer did not take appropriate steps to ensure public safety, disciplinary action will be swift,” Forest Preserves spokeswoman Stacina Stagner told ABC News via email earlier this week. “At the same time, this video will help inform ongoing officer training so we can all learn from this unfortunate episode.”In the statement released by the department on Wednesday, they noted that Conner’s resignation “isn’t where our work ends.”“We are further addressing aspects of this incident,” the statement reads.As for Trybus, he was released on bond and has a court appearance scheduled on Aug. 1. Court records indicate that he has been appointed a public defender, who has not been named. ABC News has been unable to reach Trybus.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Russian Navy delays commissioning of two new vessels

View post tag: Admiral Gorshkov Russian Navy delays commissioning of two new vessels View post tag: Russian Navy Share this article The delivery of the Russian, Project 22350, frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the minesweeper Alexander Obukhov is postponed because the new weapons systems necessitate further testing, Russian media say.Admiral Gorshkov, the flagship of the frigate project, will be commissioned at the end of the next year, RIA Novosti reported a Russian Navy source saying.The ship was initially scheduled to join the Navy in 2013 but a number of technical issues caused a delay in the plans.The source also said that the minesweeper Alexander Obukhov would not be commissioned until May 2016.The commissioning of both ships is postponed due to a greater amount of “high precision” weapons systems testing the Navy is intending to undertake.Media reports say the Russian Navy intends to build up to 30 Admiral Gorshkov-class frigates which are designed by the Severnoye Design Bureau.The 130 meter vessel has a 4.500 tonne displacement and a cruising range in excess of 4.000 nautical miles. The ships will be equipped with anti-ship and anti-submarine missiles, anti-air weapons, a 130mm universal gun-mount and an anti-submarine helicopter.The 890-tonne minesweeper Alexander Obukhov, the other vessel to be delayed, was launched June 27 2014, at the Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard.With a hull made from fiberglass, the 61-meter ship will have a complement of 44 and use ROVs for mine clearance duties.Naval Today Staff View post tag: Alexander Obukhov Authorities December 28, 2015 Back to overview,Home naval-today Russian Navy delays commissioning of two new vessels read more

Community Life Program Coordinator – Student Clubs

first_imgJob TitleCommunity Life Program Coordinator – Student Clubs Posting NumberS807P Posting Details Open Until FilledYes If no, please explain (required):(Open Ended Question)* Are you both familiar with and not in conflict with thefundamental doctrines and practices of the California SouthernBaptist Convention as stated in the Baptist Faith and Message datedJune 14, 2000? (Please see above link for more information)Yes (I am familiar and not in conflict)No (I am in conflict or not familiar) Bachelor’s degree from four-year college or university; and/or oneto two years related experience and/or training; or equivalentcombination of education and experience. Essential Duties and Responsibilities Other duties may be assigned.1. Provide overall management of all university clubs andorganizations.2. Establish and implement short and long-range organizationalgoals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures regardingstudent clubs and organizations.3. Establish and implement meaningful programs and resources forclub presidents and advisors.4. Establish and coordinate a comprehensive student clubcalendar.5. Oversee and manage all digital and print media related tostudent clubs and organizations.6. Assist in the recruitment, training, supervision, and evaluationof Community Life student interns, graduate assistants, and loungestaff.7. Assist in the development and management of appropriatedepartmental budgets.8. Recommend and participate in the development of appropriateUniversity policies and procedures.9. Assist in planning and implementation of Community Lifeprograms.10. Maintain scheduled office hours, with the requirement of aflexible schedule of availability at night and on weekends. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able toperform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listedbelow are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilityrequired. Ability to communicate a growing and dynamic Christian faith,which is naturally communicated through words and actions. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and practice of studentdevelopment theory. Ability to confront inappropriate behavior. Ability to be empathetic to the needs of a culturally diversestudent body. Skill in the use of personal computers and related softwareapplications. A thorough knowledge of: Business English and arithmetic; generaloffice methods, procedures and practices. Ability to plan, develop, and coordinate multiple projects. Ability to read and write at a level appropriate to the duties ofthe position. Ability to recruit, train, supervise, and motivate graduateassistants, student employees, and/or volunteers. Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability towork effectively with a diverse faculty, staff and studentbody. Ability to supervise and train staff, including organizing,prioritizing, and scheduling work assignments. Strong organizational skills and detailed oriented. Ability to coordinate and organize meetings and/or specialevents. Knowledge of standard budgeting and expenditure controlprocedures and documentation. Ability to make administrative/procedural decisions andjudgments. Ability to resolve customer complaints and concerns. This position could be responsible for assigning work and/or givingdirection to part-time Student Workers, in order to complete officework assignments. Education and/or Experience Applicant DocumentsRequired Documents Optional DocumentsCover LetterResumeOther DocumentOther Document 2Other Document 3Other Document 4 Quick Link to Posting Other Knowledge Skills and Abilitiescenter_img The Community Life Program Coordinator – Student Clubs manages,develops, and directs student clubs and organizations that reflectthe Christian values of California Baptist University. Remove from Web Open Date02/25/2020 Special Instructions to Applicants Nondiscrimination Statement Supplemental QuestionsRequired fields are indicated with an asterisk (*). State and Federal law permit California Baptist University todiscriminate on the basis of religion in order to fulfill itspurpose. The University does not discriminate contrary to eitherState or Federal law. * Are you a Christian?YesNo * Do you attend church regularly?YesNo Classification Title Summary Supervisory Responsibilitieslast_img read more

The Last Samurai

first_imgSet in the late 1870s, this epic film depicts the incipient modernization of Japan, the island nation evolving past a feudal society, symbolized by the eradication of the Samurai way of life. The latest fare from director Edward Zick sees Cruise play Nathan Algren, a drunken military veteran who is brought in by the Japanese imperial powers to train the emperor’s troops to flush out the last of the Samurai. The historical authenticity is occasionally marred by requisite Hollywood chintz: Cruise practises some sort of Tae Kwon Do on a ridge with a fiery sunset as a backdrop. The battle scenes, however, are impressive, and the smaller skirmishes well choreographed and realistically graphic. During a fracas between the small Imperial force and the Samurai, Algren is captured by the rebel army. But lgren’s life is spared by Katsumoto, most feared of warlords (Ken Wanatabe), for his unflinching courage in the face of death, and during his captivity he is converted to the Samurai’s sacred code of honour and discipline. So Cruise goes native. He plays baseball and seduces the gorgeous Taka, Matsumoto’s sister-in-law, whose husband he had previously speared through the neck. Predictably Algren and Matsumoto become friends, following a Ninja assassination attempt on the Samurai leader. Cruise does look good in his kimono, but is unable to match the stature and presence of Wanatabe. Somehow, taking Cruise seriously as a bornagain philosopher action hero of the east is too tall an order.Archive: 0th week HT 2004last_img read more

Krispy Kreme unveils vegan glazed doughnut

first_imgSource: Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme has unveiled its first-ever vegan doughnut ahead of Veganuary 2021.The new product is a vegan-friendly version of its Original Glazed doughnut, which the firm describes as having the ‘same great taste, light and fluffy doughnut texture and signature glaze’ but with no eggs or dairy – making it suitable for vegans.Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut was first created in 1937 and comprises a ring doughnut covered in a sweet glaze.Sold via the dozen, the Original Glazed Vegan doughnuts will be available as an online exclusive priced at £10.45 plus delivery. They’re available for pre-order now with delivery from 5 January across the UK.“We are excited to extend our range of iconic irresistibly original doughnuts with the launch of our first ever vegan offering, available exclusively in the UK,” said Louise Direito, head of innovation at Krispy Kreme UK and Ireland.“We know January is a time that many are trying out new lifestyles and set ourselves the challenge to create a plant-based doughnut that is equally delicious as the original, with absolutely no compromise.”The company’s stores remain open for takeaway and click & collect, with cabinets also available in an array of UK supermarkets.last_img read more

Danny Mayer Talks Playing In The Eric Krasno Band And Upcoming DMT Shows

first_imgGuitarist Danny Mayer has kept himself pretty busy lately. With his most recent gig backing Soulive/Lettuce guitarist Eric Krasno in his own Eric Krasno Band this past summer, Mayer has been upping his game playing alongside one of the premier guitarists in the scene today. This upcoming weekend, he will front his own project DMT (Danny Mayer Trio) for a pair of shows this weekend in Connecticut, at Bridgeport’s The Acoustic on Friday (9/2) and Hartford’s Arch Street Tavern on Saturday (9/3), with Jen Durkin & The Business on as support.Mayer will be bringing along Turkauz’s Michelangelo Carruba on drums and The Nth Power’s Nate Edgar on bass, with special guest singers Mary Corso (Eric Krasno Band) and Shira Elias (Turkauz) lending their vocal prowess to the shows. We had a chance to chat with Mayer about playing with Krasno over the summer in support of the guitarists solo album Blood From A Stone, and his own DMT project with a killer lineup of musicians and singers.On the recent opportunity to join the Eric Krasno Band:“Playing with the Eric Krasno Band is definitely an amazing experience for me, on so many levels! The band itself, and everyone in it individually, is amazing! I love them all and I love their playing. So when you find yourself in a situation like that, it’s hard to have a bad time! From a guitarist’s standpoint, I get free lessons onstage every night watching Kraz just murder these tunes! I get to support one of my all time favorite guitar players to the best of my ability, and we all have a tremendous amount of fun onstage! It’s truly an honor to be asked to play guitar in one of the greatest guitar players bands, but the thing that really stands out to me are that the songs are good enough, on their own, that all I have to do is play them and I’m satisfied at the end of the gig. It’s a beautiful thing all around.”Danny Mayer Discusses His Many Evolving Projects, Including DMT, On The Spot Trio & MoreWith regards to his own DMT (Danny Mayer Trio):“DMT is almost the total opposite role for me as a guitar player. It’s just guitar, bass, drums and some vocals. I have to fill up so much space and basically rage my face off the whole time! It’s an awesome thing to be able have the support to try new things and think of new ways of saying what’s on my mind. The freedom I have in this band is limitless. Nate and Mikey are two of the baddest dudes out there and push me to new levels every time. Mary and Shira are amazing vocalists and really bring so much love and sweetness to the band too. I couldn’t be more fortunate to be constantly surrounded by such amazing musicians, and trust me, I don’t forget it for a second!”For more info on the upcoming DMT shows, check the links below:Danny Mayer Trio w/ Jen Durkin & The Business at The Acoustic on Friday, September 2nd (Event Page)Danny Mayer Trio w/ Jen Durkin & The Business at Arch Street Tavern on Saturday, September 3rd (Event Page)last_img read more