in today’s society, cosmetics can be said to have become a female basic necessities of life, at the same time, the cosmetics store in the market also had very long, there are more and more young entrepreneurs will look to the cosmetics industry in business.

1, the local bustling trade district, fashion girls frequented, consumption areas.

2, staff intensive large and medium-sized communities, mature residential areas; (if your store also provides skin care services, choose this place is good)

3, high-grade office buildings, commercial buildings, such as 4 weeks Wang Pu, the target for the high consumption of white-collar groups;

4, it is best to be next to cosmetics, clothing stores, as well as women’s products related to the shops.

shop mode analysis

1 dependent store or shop in store

attachment type shops advantage source, turnover is relatively stable, but it is possible to rent costs due to the high operating costs. This kind of shops on the operating level and the influence of the brand and the professional level of sales requirements higher, to operators must have certain experience and money to open shops in this place, or to do very tired, generally not suitable for newcomers to enter. But the advantage is very obvious, there will be no shortage of passenger flow problem, as long as a large number of passengers to intercept their own store, there will not be much problem of survival.

2 Shopping District boutique

this kind of shops located in relatively prosperous downtown area, such as in now a lot of high street in ten and walking on the street, away from large super may be relatively far away, but the flow is relatively large. Such values may not be in the city, but will attract some consumers. The vast majority of cosmetics stores are located in this category. In this shop, asked the shop to have a good image, terminal brand has great advantages, have a good marketing promotion activities, in addition to well differentiated services, so as to allow customers to remember, but not submerged in the other cosmetics shop.

3 service community store

because of city area gradually expanded, the community more and more, in the community shop is a good choice. Community shops will have good development prospects, generally relatively small flow shop like this, but the rent will be very low, mainly for the community of customers, as long as the good service, forming a good reputation effect, cosmetics shop community general business benefits is relatively stable.

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