nearly two years, the state provides a number of preferential policies for entrepreneurs in order to allow SMEs to develop smoothly on the road. However, an endless stream of policies for many companies do not know how to find, spent a lot of energy to study their own terms. Zhu Jin found this problem in the work, so the achievements of her future career path.

this "80" after the southern girl petite, voice, there is a kind of self-confidence. More than a year ago, she was a Beijing Media Editor, now turned to become a member of "public entrepreneurship peoples innovation", pull up a team of nearly 50 people.

from the steady work on the uncertain path of entrepreneurship, there are occasional inevitable. Because of work reasons often on national policy she, in a meeting with entrepreneurs around the communication occasions, found that most of them understand the misunderstanding of the national policy support the declaration, the blind worship of the so-called "relationship".

"many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs reflects their desire for policy information, but no time to find various government websites, some entrepreneurs do not even know where to look for information policy." Zhu Jin said that they are very much hope that all policies can be found in one place, rather than scattered in multiple sites.

can do a free platform to spread the right to declare the project knowledge, to help interpret the benefits of enterprise policy? With this idea, in the "public policy innovation entrepreneurship" to ignite people entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Zhu Jin decided to try.

from the beginning to create a WeChat public subscription number, conform to the "fans" voice slowly to the policies for the development of database and APP, providing policy information and consulting services, Zhu Jin think this is a "blue ocean" worth digging: "we can do to build a bridge between the government and enterprises so, entrepreneurs can find it easier to read and policy."

for many entrepreneurs reflect the government "not good" file "cannot read", Zhu Jin established a policy information database, which include the central ministries and provinces of all policies and information; the establishment of a consultant team, committed to the policy of "no cannot read the next day".

"such as a pig farmer cooperatives, he found the pig, all policy related with the pig can be found overnight." Zhu Jin told reporters, if he can not understand the policy, you can leave a message to the experts in the system or directly to our customer service telephone consultation."

The results of

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