qualified families have bought a car, which gives the car beauty shop has brought a hot business, many people want to open a car beauty shop, but not very understanding of business skills. So, how to successfully open a car beauty shop? What skills?

select auto beauty stores, also need to start from the market evaluation. The store also has a star rating, according to the size of the store, the technical level and the degree of equipment and other standards can be rated as one to five stars. In Guangzhou, the following two stars are prohibited from business. Because it is a special industry, so the policy to build the required regulations, to carry out environmental assessment by the environmental protection department in applying for business license before, this is a hurdle to enter the industry’s largest.

Management Architecture: general manager, supervisor, team three layer linear structure. A group of 3-4 people, each group should have a leader, in order to clarify responsibilities and rights. Service items: automotive paint care, car insulation engineering, car paint protection film, noise reduction, car noise, DIY products, automobile fuel nozzle / fuel system cleaning, of course, is necessary for the project.



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