How much money to open a water washing shop in

? These years of development, now open a car wash shop is the dream of many people, in the impression of people, the car is usually in need of water, water washing current is a very advanced car, has become a new choice of many. So now the car investment investors, open a water washing shop how much it is to learn about


in recent years with the local governments "Water Conservation Regulations" and "clean up and rectify the car industry related management issues notice" policies, measures to strengthen water saving, water washing will become history. In this way, a waterless car wash, water saving and environmental protection, just to meet this requirement, but also to open such a store, less investment, quick effect, without any technology, especially for laid-off workers engaged in, the necessary funds and facilities are not complex, provides a new way to get rich for re employment personnel.

Analysis of benefit:

How much money to open a water washing shop in

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