innovative work to implement, to see the results, inspire more young people to entrepreneurship, Qingshan District, the central enterprises innovation project cooperation signing ceremony was held, the implementation of innovation, to better promote economic development.

2016 in February 24th, in response to the State Council "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, the implementation of Wuhan city a valley plan, "Qingshan District Central Enterprises Wuhan entrepreneurial innovation center project cooperation agreement signing ceremony in the Sinosteel Wuhan safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute held a successful meeting room.

Sinosteel Wuhan safety and Environmental Protection Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Wuhan green ring technology business incubator Limited signed the "Qingshan District Central Enterprises entrepreneurial innovation center project in Wuhan, a leading company investment agreement", officially launched the heart project in Qingshan District of central enterprises in the construction of entrepreneurship and innovation in Wuhan. Qingshan District People’s government, Liu Ren, deputy head of the district government departments responsible person, part of school leaders and relevant departments attended the ceremony.



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