to promote the image of the company, an advertising company commissioned a professional service company registered two Internet domain names, but the agency negligence, the company domain name in a year after being seized by others. To this end, the advertising agency claims 500 thousand yuan to the agency.

Teng Feng company said two years ago to build the company’s website, the company commissioned a company registered in the English two domain names for the agent, the agreement during the period of service was 2 years. We received a total of 656 yuan of domain registration fees. In June last year, when Teng Feng companies use the domain name, but found that their Chinese domain name has been used by others.

‘s company said, due to negligence for the registration of one year service period of second years, the domain name may have been others seize. In this regard, PCCW companies are willing to make compensation in accordance with the 2 times the domain name fee that is 500 yuan. But Teng Feng believes that, for the promotion of website domain name has to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, the Chinese domain name used by others, causing Teng Feng company huge economic losses, it is taken to the Xuhui District court, the company’s requirements for compensation for economic loss of 500 thousand yuan.

After hearing the

court found that the registered domain name has become a business promotion, publicity a common way of their own. The judge in the case of the plaintiff and the defendant were patiently mediation, finally, the company agreed to find PCCW preempted the domain name Chinese Teng Feng company, and made corresponding compensation.

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