website image design is like corporate image design, but its importance is more than corporate image design.

in the network of information explosion, the ability to attract users in the target site beyond count attention, in an instant and impress them for a website whether talent shows itself plays a very important role, and to promote the multiplier for the promotion play.

first   the relationship between website image and content

content is the basis of a website, enrich the content, fully meet the needs of users is the first one, but can not put too much emphasis on the content and ignore the image, can not be too much emphasis on the image and the emphasis on content. Ignore the image will lead to a decrease in site attraction, attention, user experience, a unique style of the website is hard to impress visitors, more is not easy to create a network brand website. And ignore the content, will make a website is difficult to retain users, a pillow with an embroidered case, more difficult to form a loyal group of users to make a website to lose the survival and development of the fundamental.

second   website image design focus is to highlight the website style

style seems to be a kind of unpredictable things, some websites have style, some sites do not have a style, but we are not easy to clear the language used to describe. We can compare the style of a website to the style of a person, and a person with outstanding personality can make a deep impression on us. Similarly, a unique style of the website, first of all to make people feel it out of the ordinary, and formed a unique charm of the linger. For e-commerce sites, there is no a good image, will lose the trust of the browser, without trust, who will be spending on your site?

three site style building is not a short duration of time.

website style has a process, and in the process of continuous adjustment and improvement. There is a lot of perfect details, such as at the time of writing this article, I just adjust the font size, the font is used a small, small size, the viewer will read more laborious, in the course of time will affect the user experience of reading.

four   the relationship between color and website style

color determines the style of the site. We live in a colorful world, different colors have different styles, different colors between the ever-changing, different color combinations will have a different impact on the viewer’s emotions.

Although the color of

can be about the style of the site, but must be attached to the location of the site. For example, IMB’s deep blue gives people a strong sense of technology, to deepen the user’s "blue giant" scientific and technological strength of recognition, has become a symbol of the IBM color.

five   simplicity – new time for web site

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