October 17th afternoon, the car sold today announced the completion of $20 million A+ round of financing, the investor Weimao letter capital, innovation works and the northern lights.

The car hit the car dealers selling

B2B service, but in the previous prior to the "buy the car" known to the outside world in B2C mode, the specific mode, the main hope that through the "sell car" and "car networking online platform", "car finance and other services to help dealers solve a one-stop source of cars, money and transfer issues, through the information flow, capital flow and logistics to enhance the efficiency of the national automobile dealers, help to improve operation efficiency and profit rate, reduce operating costs, to build a new car circulation platform.

sold the car CEO Li Yanzhu said that this round of financing has been completed, and has started to enter the B round of negotiations. After this round of financing, selling the car team will continue to upgrade a supply chain services, broaden the financial products, to provide better service for dealers, on the other hand, is committed to creating a more powerful service team.

public information, sell the car for a parent company of Hangzhou light dust Information Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2014, the same year in September by the Innovation workshop $3 million angel investment; in July 2015 by the northern lights and Innovation workshop million yuan A round of investment.

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