Express has been brought to us at the same time, there are a lot of problems, especially for now open personal shop small sellers.

said the previous postal express delivery company can not be in the new year, casually say no, do not send a piece, but the effect seems to be seen, but the effect is not bad. According to the news, now almost all the major shopping sites posted an urgent notice: due to delivery in January 19th after the holiday, no single.

Many of my friends have said,

online shopping to send things as early as possible, since January 20th after the courier began to leave, this is true?

and Taobao is not difficult to find, many businesses on the site to hang out after January 20th does not receive the order message. In fact, the Spring Festival approaching this time is the hottest period of net goods sales, but unfortunately to express holiday, the owner had to reluctantly not received orders, at a loss of orders so helpless.

At the end of

online shopping is the hot season, especially clothing, is selling special purchases for the Spring Festival products, and ten days ahead of the Holiday Express, for the seller’s business is certainly great influence. If you do not choose the usual express, there are no holidays. General EMS is the state-owned enterprises do not rest, but the provisions like ox hair, EMS closely, make it difficult to receive, powder type agent class were not air, only the so-called E E Po, Po is the land, than carts hurry co.. Buyers are often complaints and then passed on to the seller’s responsibility. You know, not everyone talks.

this way, in the delivery of a holiday, and the impact is the e-commerce industry in our country, weekdays called express at the same time, we have to say, there is no express, e-commerce industry is very difficult to develop, but also because there is a courier, but provided before the holiday, so we have to consider such services, whether there is a social responsibility?! the development of electronic commerce China to better, the rectification of the express delivery industry, that is a must.

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