recently, in the textile and leather industry market, the biggest news Pipige on-line.


textile leather industry trends: the formation of the four market structure

with the influx of more platforms, will accelerate the pace of development of the industry as a whole, but also to accelerate the elimination of some of the services are not professional, the strength of the more weak enterprises. Although the current strategic objectives of Pipige, excellent material treasure, good material, cloth and leather net search search is to create a platform model, but there is a large difference between the target market positioning. Moreover, the needs of each enterprise within the industry chain are not the same, some companies will even have some special needs, these companies can not be fully satisfied.

for the future trend of the enterprise market, I personally think it will form the three market structure.

a large enterprise service market

large enterprises in addition to the service requirements of the professional enough, the market reaction speed, product quality, supplier production capacity, after-sales service, billing period are not the same. This is like a service in the high-end market, bigger customer sales.

two, SME services market

according to the statistical data of industrial and commercial registration, the proportion of Small and micro businesses in the domestic market has accounted for 94.15% of the market, so small and medium-sized enterprises is the most large scale, but it is also the most intense competition. At present, whether Ali, Tencent and other giants, or a lot of start-up companies are targeting the SME Service market. Small and medium-sized enterprises is not high for the market to provide services, service enterprises access threshold is not high, so the influx of a large number of entrepreneurs, is one of the Pipige.

three, industry segmentation services market

is currently in the domestic textile and apparel industries, with many different types of platforms. With the popularity of the Internet, there will be a lot of high professional requirements of the platform, although this platform is difficult to achieve their own market share is very large, but it can live very moist. However, the current market service platform, Ali, as Tencent had to eat the whole market of small and medium enterprises, but may? Such as leather, artificial leather, fabrics, hardware etc., which is massing hundreds of billions of a refining field.

overall, officially launched Pipige, for the whole industry is a good thing, can accelerate the development of the whole industry, but there has brought greater pressure of competition to the industry. With the major platforms have entered the market will eventually form a different direction of development, there will still be enough room for survival. (source: Pipige)

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