NetEase Francisco November 12th message, Ali announced the health record: Double eleven double eleven period, the Alibaba sold retail platform condoms piled up taller than the Mount Everest, the Imperial Palace area is larger than the flat mask. At the same time, 90 in the Tmall medical number to purchase the most products are condoms.

In the just concluded

Tmall double 11 Carnival in the world, if the Alibaba will sell retail platform condoms piled up, the total nearly 9500 meters high, than the Mount Everest (8844.43 meters) higher than 600 meters.

, such as, if the double 11 day in the retail platform sold Ali mask shop will open, with a total area of over 170 thousand square meters, more than the construction area of the Imperial Palace in Beijing (about 150 thousand square meters).

again, double 11 when the number of contact lenses sold every day Cat medicine (26147234?? slice), creates the Guinness world record for the "single online platform for 24 hours to sell the most contact lenses" title.

it is worth noting that, compared to the traditional medicine health products, medical and health service commodity A new force suddenly rises. this year. During the double 11 Tmall medicine sold the most expensive single product list, number of pregnancy, maternal and child class services, among them, Beijing united family hospital antenatal care package + cesarean section package + 0-24 package in vaccines for children the most expensive single product list to the price of 91131 yuan.

from the age division level, double 11 day, after 70, 80 in Tmall pharmaceutical purchase number are the most Chinese wolfberry products, 90 buy merchandise is the maximum number of condoms.

as a sign of another 11 worthy of attention, the morning of the 11 day of the morning, Ali health medicine O2O order volume has exceeded ten thousand.

during November 11th to 13, Ali launched a three day health "health polite" activities, activities covering 81 city nationwide, including Shanxi, Wuhan, Guangzhou Tongrentang Jianmin, Mayinglong Dalian chain drugstore’s stores to participate in the activities, to provide fast and convenient medical and health services for local consumers.

latest statistics show that the double 11 day, Ali O2O ranked health medicine volume of the top three are: Wenzhou is a pharmacy chain Co. Ltd., Xinjiang baicaotang pharmaceutical chains Co. Ltd., Wuhan Mayinglong pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd.

pointed out that the Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun day before, soon pure electricity supplier era will end, the future will be replaced by the "new retail, online and offline and combined with modern logistics, created new retail formats. Not long ago Ali Health 100 chain pharmacies established "China pharmaceutical O2O pioneer alliance", and the excellent performance of the double 11 O2O medicine can be seen, Ali is trying to create a healthy ecological win-win cooperation in the realm of health, then the entities under the line and online pharmacy pharmacy will no longer be well-defined, but tend to this collaboration, online and offline.

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