Qingming holiday, but also staged a farce, this is the second-hand car field. A few days ago the media reported on the "58 city to merge with excellent letter", "58 shares excellent letter", "excellent letter of second-hand car suspected and 58 with other news that there is excellent letter thought during the April Fool’s day a joke to open the media. However, with the development of the event, they found that this does not seem to be a spoof of the media, but 58". At present, excellent letter has officially clarified that this message belongs to the false rumors, and hope that the majority of consumers and the media friends do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors.


text / Wang Jiwei

the real situation is that 58 of the flow of the excellent letter, in the end of the phone to search for the best second-hand car, click the results will jump to the domain name under the 58. It is precisely because of the 58 city site appeared to excellent letter second-hand car brand named website page, which makes the media competing to do these news. It is very interesting, after the Spring Festival, tearing force O2O field war, war of words has not stopped. Some time ago, 58 home and home and Beaver had been fighting for multiple rounds, this ushered in the "merger" rumors in the holiday. It seems that this year, 58 of the main theme is torn and war.

said, in the second-hand car trading business model, to do B2C or C2C, it should be 58 of its tangled. Do C2C is good at 58, because it has the basis of the flow of life services, each channel may be independent. However, the C2C business to do second-hand car, the current layout is mainly based, that is, all of the C2C model used car projects are not profitable in the short term. At the same time, second-hand car trading is reflected in the car source and related services, compared with B2C, C2C is far from reaching. The main market for used car transactions, is still based on the platform for individuals, the current market share of individual transactions is not too high.

in fact, second-hand car trading is to do service, it is like a new car transaction, as long as 4S shop, Carsell sign a contract to make money to buy insurance. In addition to the new car to go through the process of trading, used car transactions in the car’s quality, safety, reputation, security and other aspects are particularly important. These services can not solve the problem, it means that the user does not solve the pain points. These problems must be familiar with the enterprise platform and cultivating industry chain downstream industry, can play well. In other words, have the resources to be able to open up the full advantage of the service process. C2C model is focused on solving the problem of user transactions related to the service, the upstream industry has long been a problem or to optimize the industrial chain to solve, B2C will bear the brunt.

58 investment seeds of second-hand car, its spin off business investment is an inevitable trend for the development of the project, the main channel is independent city service website, of course, is the most easy to do 58. But the layout of C2C is equivalent to 5 years after the market, the current platform to

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