Shanghai, December (Xinhua Chen Jing) (Shanghai) after the first case of piracy in the network of literary sentencing, there is a similar case recently in Shanghai City People’s court hearing in 21. The well-known pirate sites "by a Long Yan" webmaster copy reprint of Shanda literature starting point Chinese network 543 novels, and obtain huge profits by posting ads. Reporters learned today, in this case Pudong court Intellectual Property Tribunal Chen Huizhen himself as the presiding judge, the court of first instance to the crime of copyright infringement and sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, and fined 50 thousand yuan, the illegal income shall be confiscated.

famous pirate sites by night long closed, as with the previous sentence, I love literature network copyright infringement case, are in Shanghai to combat IPR infringement and selling fake and shoddy goods crime "sword" special action results. According to reports, in June this year, Shanghai police in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Beijing to assist Jiangxi and network monitoring department, Panjin, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Liaoning and Jiangxi, Jingdezhen and other places, lasted more than in January, the successful detection of the case. By June 28th, Long Yan arrested a webmaster.


trial on the same day, in the face of the prosecutor’s allegations, Yanmou pleaded guilty in court. According to Yan a confession, he can’t find a job after graduation, in March 2010 to buy ICP website for the record and the network novel management system software from the Internet, in the long run from home by network, provide all kinds of novel reading online and free download service. In order to improve the popularity of the website and click browse, from the beginning of the end of the year, Yan a was a grand literary authorization, unauthorized copy, reprint starting point Chinese online "sky", "Tomb notes" and other novels. Yan said that online reading and download the novel nearly million, and these are based on a special software from the Internet to "steal". Through the operation of a lucrative yan.

judicial identification, 543 part and the starting point Chinese novel of the same name network exist substantial similarity in novels published by yo.

court believes that the starting point of the Chinese network through the author of the transfer agreement with the literature, made the copyright of the works, their legitimate rights and interests are protected by law, no one shall infringe. The defendant Yan to seek illegal interests, unauthorized duplication of network 543 novels, spread through the information network to the public if the circumstances are serious, have constituted the crime of copyright infringement. In view of Yan an after appearing in court truthfully confessed crimes, the law can be punished more leniently; voluntarily pleaded guilty, and actively compensate, get understanding victims unit, the discretion given a lighter punishment. Accordingly, the court made the decision.

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