former one million asking price now in the hands of rotten Yao Ming domain 90 yuan No one shows any interest in


Do you remember

NBA Chinese myth of Yao Ming? Remember the night bursts of Jeremy Lin? Their Pinyin domain name in the online auction price of hundreds of thousands had so many people came, also the rise of a sports star investment domain craze. The passage of time, today to bid their domain buyers do not sell, only in the hands of rotten. Insiders remind, domain name investment is not big.

in the Jeremy Lin magic overnight after all about his domain name has been registered, when the "" website, open the transfer of the cost of a thousand times more than the price, the auction price is 260 thousand, if the domain name registered in accordance with the.Com average price of 100 yuan / year to count, in half a month worth of Jeremy Lin domain soared 2600 times. The domain name is Yao Ming’s different approaches but equally satisfactory results, from the famous Yao Ming to retire, he also led the news on the Internet domain name speculation, many Yao Ming related domain names such as "" and "" in the sale period, and even called on the price of one million. And since then, known as the two generation of Yao Ming Wang Zhelin, has set off a storm of cybersquatting and investment.

thus, the domain name investment, especially sports star domain name investment increasingly fiery. According to the statistics of the number of private domain name Chinese, Chinese have exceeded 1 million, registered in each domain name trading site for part-time and full-time speculators also reached about 100000 people. The newly revised "China Internet Network Information Center domain name registration rules for the implementation of" after the implementation of the opening of the domain name registration authority of natural persons, which allows more people to join the domain name investment, the value of the domain name is expected to surge.

90 yuan, bid number of 0. Yaoming search in the search results China renamed, let reporters be startled at "", the price is only 90 yuan, while the long time since it is 0 times No one shows any interest in the bid. Jeremy Lin’s price seems to be still, but no one bid, the domain name is price of 250 thousand, the number of bids is also a $0. On the "" page, there are only a few ads, and all kinds of slogans and propaganda have disappeared.

"this situation is very normal, the heat subsided, the value will be demoted." "China CEO Kong Dejing said, many former popular domain names are rotten in the buyers," auction to several million, ten million, buyers still think there is a little appreciation of space, will not sell." Kong Dejing told reporters, some investors in a few million price to buy the popular domain names, not timely shots, not only need to pay each year, also need to spend a lot of effort to maintain, lose everything. Kong Dejing said >

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