A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 2nd news yesterday, Phoenix announced the internal mail announced layoffs and restructuring matters, the number of layoffs is not clear. E-mail said, the recent stock ifeng.com suffered great pressure estimation, a complete departure from the true value, being oversold. The industry generally believes that this adjustment belongs to ifeng.com self-help arm.

Phoenix Development for 10 years, but also experienced the rise and fall of the portal, today, Phoenix executives have a letter of resignation, said to the staff, I’m sorry."

letter, Phoenix executives said: this adjustment has nothing to do with everyone’s ability, but also unrelated to everyone’s performance. Downsizing, focusing on the transformation, the transformation is to greater development, although the six months, the market environment is very harsh, we also encountered a challenge to internal operations, but the fundamentals of the company is still very stable.

"we should have noticed, we recently suffered a great pressure to estimate the stock, completely deviated from the true value, being oversold. Many colleagues are also asking about the company’s performance, personnel adjustments. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the development of the company, the company restructuring, and focus on the development of thinking."

phoenix new media has three platforms: integrated portal Phoenix, Phoenix and Phoenix mobile video. According to the daily monitoring data, the ratio of consulting in June 2015, share APP month in the number of active users of video portal, Phoenix video for 4 million 944 thousand and 400 people, compared with 146 million 566 thousand and 700 from the Tencent behind the video, video, video, 360 Sohu Baidu Encyclopedia of television shows. In terms of mobile news client, Phoenix News June active users of 12 million 49 thousand and 800 people, behind Tencent news, Sohu news, today’s headlines, NetEase news, Sina News and other peers.

over the past few years, the new layout of the phoenix new media, including the Phoenix, Phoenix News client, Phoenix video client, mobile Phoenix, Phoenix FM fulcrum. And signed a stock purchase agreement with the owner of personalized news client products, a little information Particle. It is not difficult to see, Phoenix hopes through its investment in the era of mobile and cross screen, force the content of production and consumption led.

traditional portal performance downturn, while the mobile Internet era appeared personalized reading, precision trend, this trend has been found in the old portal and seek transformation. For the future direction of the transformation, said an internal letter, will maintain a sustained attention to mobile mutual entertainment, games and other fields, and a little bit of information and the Phoenix News client two mobile end products will increase resources tilt.

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