we don’t reveal the cheater cheated, the new generation (today Xi’an City Network Technology Co., Ltd.), the company at a lower price to close some of the so-called agents to sell their space, their price is generally lower than 1 of the market for more than half, how they are profitable, first of all I want to talk about them. Hangzhou put room 2 servers, one address is www.29dns.com  a 93dns.cn is why their server is not very stable, because of their large hard disk ah, other hardware are very small. They earn high profits, why do they always change IP, because Baidu closed their IP. their the attack on their servers, so they paid for their customers go right now, good room for selling.

me about my acting through it. I was in the last year in the source of the home to see the ads, and now, the source of the home is also very wrong, give money to advertise, but now people don’t go to their website hungry, I pay them all to the record, will ask why there will be two people yet, they from Guangzhou to Hong Kong to three Chinese data, the new generation of today, they will probably 3 individuals, a technology, a customer service, a boss. They lied about about 100000 yuan now. Now they were

enterprise honor: new network core agent ten thousand gold chief cloud payment business license @ network partner enterprise Sohu registration centre in Xi’an these honors.

This is my

they use Alipay to pay money. I just put the money to the server is broken, graph king said this writing, because I used to chat no, there is no evidence. I put the record to let everyone see.


the old platform Ning Ning to us please even make money – the new generation of
93dns.cn 10:09:07

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