fun Wyatt network founded to now, just 2 months, two months, like a dream to me, an unusual dream, all the bitterness is a person I bear, this time, site positioning, planning, promotion, I am myself, really not too hard, every night, think about all of this is worth it, these two months really learned a lot from the exchange to the interpersonal relationship, from how to make the product to market, learn a lot, a lot of growth. Every time when I report the little drops of home, the family always felt that I was playing, I think also cannot make what, always say you are still reading, the whole family is not as you have, or read your book, I heard these really annoyed. Every time on the phone to their business model, profit model to speak to a home to listen to people, they still think I’m playing, or do not understand. I really very sad, the first step must be entrepreneurial, family support can have power to do, if you even the most pro people do not support your career, you earn money to do that shit, shit, go straight home when master well.

life is really short, I don’t want to just do an ordinary person, I have the right to become an extraordinary person, I really don’t want others shouted in the work and lessons from others, but do not want to rely on their hands as alms for survival and living wage and I must always remember that this world is the most reliable not others, only my own future! Everything is only through their own efforts to create, to achieve the best way to show myself! Because the value is to create.

I’ve grown up

now, I want to know where I’m going, I can create what kind of value to the society. These two months, my family may be disappointed with me, my partner may be disappointed with me, my friend may be disappointed with me, but I don’t have to their disappointment, because no disappointment, entrepreneurship did not retreat, the biggest failure is to give up, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow. The day after tomorrow is very beautiful, most people died in tomorrow night, can not see the sun the day after tomorrow, business people want to know how warm his left hand right hand, it is necessary to understand the pain as happy to enjoy, to experience, you will have success, money is a result, he will never be my purpose.

fun Wyatt network now fixed 177 users, and continues to increase, I am very pleased that the current interest Wyatt network has 5 core competencies: " steal not to buy, do not split open, with no go and flow away, I often and friends, fun like Wyatt network is my child, need to slowly foster it, I must take him up. This road is their own choice, even on my knees I have to finish it.

well, finish talking nonsense will continue to work hard, come on!!!

Jian Jiarong

One day in April 2008 of

editor comments: I appreciate the author’s understanding of the site: 5 core competencies: "

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