A year passed

raise a Babel of criticism of Tencent for private banks finally have the final result. According to the Shenzhen financial office news, Tencent Inc has already got approval from the CBRC on private banks, Tencent executives are hired to develop the bank’s positioning strategy. It is understood that by the Tencent and Shenzhen led the company to declare the source of private banks officially named as the "Bank of Qianhai", the scale is not yet determined.

in my opinion, although the Bank of Tencent has just approved, but had already begun a variety of financial services. Tencent and Ali, although not the name of the bank, but the bank has the real. Both sides rely on the balance of treasure and financial management through a large number of private deposits, and the opening of such as a taxi, meals, shopping and other payment environment, has played a role in the bank to some extent.

I gradually inventory of the recent financial action in the field of Tencent, you can see the Bank of Tencent dream has already begun to implement, but according to Ma Huateng low-key personality, there is no large-scale foreign disclosure.

July 2013, China Merchants Bank and Tencent, launched the "WeChat bank", this service can not only realize the card account inquiries, remittance, credit card billing inquiries, credit card payments, inquiries and other points of business cards debit, more can be achieved Merchants Bank branch inquiries, loan application, the card application, mobile phone recharge, payment of life, make an appointment for professional and interbank fund collection and other convenient services. In addition, WeChat’s online customer service can be more intelligent online real-time solution to customer consultation, to provide customers with a very convenient channel. WeChat Bank China Merchants Bank is the extension of mobile phone banking, financial services and after online banking, telephone banking, mobile phone banking and bank users a convenient.

coincidentally, WeChat in the credit card sector has also begun to layout. In August 2013, the Tencent and the safe credit card in hand, launched WeChat intelligent service platform, self inquiry, preferential binding account independent push, intelligent robots and other powerful features, but also to the service demand of the first four services: facility inquiries, billing inquiries, cost introduction, card, give priority to the establishment of a complete knowledge base and guide the question design, so customers can use natural WeChat dialogue, will be the first time to enjoy the fast and comprehensive information consulting service, does not need to call the customer service hotline, and is not subject to any restrictions of time and place.

since entering in 2014, Tencent with WeChat to pay, around the attack, launched the WeChat CAITONG products. In March, WeChat launched the POS machine is premeditated. The author was an article by Tencent "micro POS machines first appeared or free delivery to businesses under the line", first introduced to the outside world POS Tencent, and from the looks of traditional UnionPay POS machine is not much difference, but their core micro POS machines and POS machines cup is two sets of system. After the installation of micro POS machine merchants, consumers only need to enter the amount of consumption into, press the enter button will come out of a two-dimensional code >

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