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      personal webmaster figure Wang said, after Ali mother launched in August 10th to promote popular webmaster circle, less than a month’s time has accumulated nearly 20 thousand customers, has brought vitality to the Dark Alliance webmaster circle market, people can not help but contrast the world’s third major league adbrite. China has a large number of loyal users and traffic site, there are a large number of empty traffic and users, do not know through what channels to attract advertisers to come over, Ali mother provides a good way.

      1ting network Du Xueqian believes that Ali mother can increase revenue and expand the site to promote channels. Ali mother has a wealth of business owners, the site through the Ali mother this platform to reduce the cost of sales, improve advertising revenue, increase revenue from the two aspects of the site. At the same time, for small and medium-sized sites, generally no systematic analysis of the effect of advertising system, do not know where is the best advertising effect, the platform of the mom, the website can very good use of functional analysis, find the appropriate advertising position and appropriate advertising prices, increase advertising revenue.

      by Sina famous book station Li Xueming said Ali mother is online advertising trading platform meets the needs, website owners and advertisers directly face a good idea. Different from the traditional media, the network media has a more market segmentation, more features such as carriers, followed by the accuracy of the launch is difficult to control, and coverage is not broad enough. Ali’s mother is to solve this problem. Site owners hope to maximize their own advertising benefits, to find suitable for their own advertising, tens of thousands of advertisers Ali mother refined type of advertising, website owners have choice, snapping fingers to easily achieve the win-win goal. Ali mother to meet the needs of small and medium advertisers small advertising investment, but also the main site of the main marketing problems, is the real service of small advertisers, website owners platform. What the people want to invincible, we want the Ali Mama, will promote the birth of a new era of Internet advertising, the characteristics of network media better fourth more fully play out."

      a mobile phone website Changchun sister registered the Ali Mama, three hours sold home Banner advertising, and advertising prices need to each previous League, now as long as the offer can, but in the past month 800, now sold 300 yuan a week. (commissioning editor admin01)

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