Admin5 webmaster network September 11th news, according to the latest statistics released by CNNIC, in August CN domain name market share of more than 4 million 500 thousand, reaching 4508450, compared with an increase of 378936 in July. 2012 CN domain name market total of 3360360, CN domain name has been achieved during the year more than 1 million 100 thousand growth in January. In May this year, CN domain name in the end of 09 after the end of the network regulation to close the registration of individuals to re open to the natural person. Has maintained a relatively rapid growth rate.


2012 domain name growth trend

July 19, 2012, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "report" thirtieth Chinese Internet development in Beijing, the report shows the domestic Internet users exceeded 538 million, mobile phone as the first Internet terminal. With the rapid development of the Internet more deeply, more inseparable from the value of the CN domain name. How to restore the loss of CN domain name, re tree CN domain name brand effect, will become an important issue in the future development of the domestic internet. Although the registration of open natural persons, CN domain name to maintain a rapid growth rate. However, the overall market share is still at a low level, compared to the peak of 09 years, the level of the market to maintain the amount of tens of millions, is now a night before liberation, fell into the trough.

07 years to carry out a CN domain name registration activities, due to the low threshold of registration, domain name information audit more quickly, CN domain name quickly became the first choice of personal webmaster and domain name investment market hot. The three pieces, Larry, digital CN domain name in the investment market has a high value. The 09 years of network regulation, with the presence of a large number of illegal content CN domain name website closed, a number of regular sites have also been implicated. Prior to the CN domain name registration process and the consequences of imperfect management of the rapid outbreak. Then CNNIC to avoid risks, prohibit personal registration, CN domain name business name registration. CN domain name has previously accumulated market value disappear. Although the application of the enterprise terminal and the domain name investment market is still valuable, but the mass base of the CN domain name has been lost, personal webmaster CN domain name lack of trust and security". This open registration, each domain registrar also spare no effort to carry out promotion and preferential policies to attract a number of new and old users to use the user registered CN domain name, but would like to restore lost ground, enables the domestic millions of individual owners to regain the trust of the domain name CN, is still a long way to go. Many industry insiders believe that although the resumption of personal registration can effectively stimulate the development of the CN domain name, but the relevant policy is still a risk, it is difficult to return to the level of ten million.

September 4th China Internet Network Information Center and Tencent jointly announced that the two sides reached a cooperation, will provide users with a wide range of applications based on domain names. The first phase of cooperation will be CN domain name as an entry, bound to the user’s personal space Tencent, and generate personalized domain name >

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