(9V) nine wins the league’s first league reputation effect, where?


ask, is this alliance webmaster advertising platform nine wins on


a very large (it should be said that there is no credibility) of the company, even the ranks of the ranks of the sweat of the money dragged in the inside, who will defend the interests of the owners


CHINAZ the laggards, stationmaster station, Admin5 station network is affecting the webmaster of shelter, so only write them here to inform the webmaster, don’t hurt by this alliance to the majority of the individual owners.

Why is it called

bird alliance, the reason is that: the webmaster in your skin there have done the effect of the player, so you are dragging the majority of the owners of the money, has not paid!

2008 to December in the capital, has been dragging a lot of money in the inside of the webmaster in November. If not, I would be able to take the picture data and so on, today I send this, mainly revealed nine wins alliance.

If people do not come out

nine wins in the face of this thing, it is very clear in the pit owners money


according to a master said, they always said the ad (referring to pipip) in the temporary adjustment, thus to wait until the start of next week from the advertising checkout line after the new! It gave a


excuse me, when is the time from the new on-line, is the waiting for no time or?? according to a station said: the Union did not give time.

is an alliance for special magistrate webmaster

?This is what

want the body to your personal webmaster to sharedzilla? I believe you also do not go long on the network of individual stationmaster innumerable, who is not willing to be like this. Personal Webmaster Station ask, you love this is the pit


if you are a personal webmaster, please put your mind!

also said: according to the nine wins alliance, webmaster do their advertising, advertisers did not give money to the alliance platform, you can’t pay for Adsense


here I’d like to ask the question, is the first effect in the webmaster platform nine wins under the banner of the advertising, or for your advertisers advertising


I only know that we are advertising effect through the first nine wins the union flag, and advertisers you problems, this account also depends to us these Adsense head?

?The person in charge of

nine wins alliance, you can venture out loudly tell us the webmaster, your model is so??

?If not out of the union

nine wins in the face of this thing to make any explanation, it is proved that nine wins the credibility of the league is really bad, here just told: all personal webmaster, choose alliance, absolutely can not go to nine wins, credibility is not bad in general

!If you

by any > nine wins the union flag

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