Qianxiang interactive group and Zhaopin combination, launched the first Chinese commtech business network jingwei.com today officially launched. Different from the traditional business networking sites, Jingwei network will business network with high quality, social search engine based on QA pattern integration, create high efficiency and high quality information privacy and social network, and ultimately trust and intelligence sharing.

key value difference

SNS with the popularity of BSNS business network began to fast. And SNS focus on entertainment is different, BSNS pay more attention to business communication, user groups more high-end, mature.

as a real name system of business social networking sites, Jingwei target user groups are aged 25 to 45 years old professionals, white-collar workers, senior industry elite. Through the realization of the value of the four levels, so that each person’s professional communication links become more effective.

users can set up personal data files, not only show their excellence, more importantly, can invite colleagues or business partners on your experience to judge, and through the establishment of business relations in Jingwei online to transfer trust.

in the graticule, users can invite people to add their business relationship, get online dynamic personal contact center — changes of all important relationships, including occupation, change their way of communication, can grasp the first time. Latitude and longitude for users to maintain a lifetime effective communication. At the same time, can find the relevant industry, company specific, corresponding position contacts, enlarge your network.

in each of the information sharing, each file information above, Jingwei provide users with detailed privacy management options to ensure that only the appropriate trust relationship can see the appropriate information.

The relationship between

Chinese road is the "wisdom" of members. Within the network of graticule, sharing from the instant information to like-minded group discussion, and then to social knowledge quiz, users can find their trusted professionals offered to share the wisdom.

high quality intelligence + real name high-end business social network

The success of

networking sites not only create value and opportunities to the workplace crowd person, but for every company to attract talented people, to attract customers and create a brand, provide help to spread the word very fruitful. A large group of high-end users and the real interpersonal attributes, making the latitude and longitude of the enterprise information quickly spread to the geometric.

partners can set up the company’s home page, set up a platform for the company. In addition, the company stock price, company news and real-time recruitment information, more features, company executives Zuozhen company homepage answer.

Qianxiang interactive group’s brother is sticky web site to take the lead, the first time in transit network, glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang will be online.

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