took a look at the Admin5 Trading Forum, found that the novel website information has been continued. It is estimated that the fire will burn longer. Although it is now too late to do some novel website, but there is still a large number of owners are willing to try. Investigate its reason, I summed up.

first of all, whether it is 2008 or 2009 to build novel stations are promising. Put aside the profit, we analyze how to separate novels stand what charm, let the people so fought. First look at the current state of mind. China’s biggest feature is not advocating religious beliefs, thus resulting in a large number of people do not pay attention to their own spiritual life, especially greatly improved in material life today, the more they feel the spirit of emptiness, the spiritual emptiness is regardless of age level. Whether young or old people approach death are inevitable. The student group is the main target group, in addition to class, their time is very abundant, especially the life of college students is abnormal lazy. Their main spiritual life is dominated by boredom. In addition, hundreds of groups and high wage groups, all day living in a highly stressful urban life under great pressure, which requires a spiritual outlet.

novel station to meet this demand for their spiritual life, especially in recent years the implementation of the fantasy literature novels and later Games athletic, fan Danmei, female and so on many subjects, which the story is all kinds of taste everything, whether it is vigorous atmosphere or delicate and beautiful, full of the glint and flash of cold steel let you see, copy from rolia after reading on, want to see. But more is the perception of their own writers and dissatisfaction in life, emotional frustration, desire can not be achieved and all sorts of emotions all into novels, resulting in intense resonance with the reader. The collision, this thought vent mood with novel change character of the plot, and step by step can not be achieved in real life, thus forming a kind of spiritual comfort. In view of this novel although the market may be in a period of weakness, but there is no denying that novels as well as the site, in the irreplaceable position in the eyes of the reader.


is now a big starting point, but this situation is bound to break. The domestic Internet writer of about 200000 people, although most gathered at the starting point, but the starting point and the signing of the writer, but more than 4000 people, there are still 70% of the Internet writer in state revenue, and even the starting point behind the grand strong pillar of the economy, can’t eat so many people. The rest of the Internet writer, you will see how the The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

the current collection of novels, although more difficult, but not absolutely not. But if it is not the original, coupled with the reasons for this year’s Olympic Games, there are few months it is difficult to be included in Baidu. Personally, I think, to buy a flow of the novel has been a relatively cost-effective transaction. First of all, the market price of the novel decided that these, a less than 1000IP of the full set of novel, >

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