2015 WeChat red, Alipay in 2016 2017 a Shoop Shoop, WeChat QQ and Alipay ar red, red envelopes…… Rely on the money to drop out of the user, this year is really surprising, just to see who hit well.

taxi industry drops, fast war almost swept the country, and finally to the end of the acquisition of fast drops is not important, important is that they eventually use envelopes, taxi coupons to users accustomed to training out.

takeaway circles of the United States, glutinous rice, hungry, still attached to a variety of ways to improve the user retention.


user is a kind of group? In the professional range, may be more important than the offer is a skill, is convenient, but when the user wants to expand to the level of "social", it must take the incentives to attract more "civilians" in, or when the user is not you can’t (about your skills) time, to attract users, and retain the user’s rule, always be the only one that is preferential".

also is our reason for WeChat and Alipay have appeared red envelopes.

WeChat red

2014, 2015, WeChat is ready to Ma, red rash and too much in haste, Alipay’s move is not. In 2015 WeChat Spring Festival Gala and cooperation, shake directly over the spring thunder, data show that the total amount of new year’s Eve WeChat red transceiver has over 1 billion times, and the Spring Festival Gala the busiest time (8 p.m. to 1 p.m. on New Year’s day), WeChat shake a shake of the interaction volume has more than 11 billion times.

What is the

obtained with the original WeChat red? To the huge amount of social "money business", although only a circulation channel, but until 2016 the WeChat payment arrangement, and cash charge "closure" move, buried so long WeChat eco just head pen v.



is one of WeChat red, while the layout of your eyes, Alipay red first sensation all activities are also with the show’s cooperation, the 2016 Spring Festival, Alipay red Shoop Shoop, a set of five.

this year, has long been the Universiade operators "playing" "small talk" rules, even in Alipay Wu Fu Li came a big turn, 2016 Chi Qi Wufu activities had to split the 200 million yuan per person 200+ ended, and the participants thought that the billions of people will first hand located a few cents "has a huge gap, so in 2017 Alipay set activities in five.


Alipay jointly spring red release what? Alipay turned to social from payment tool? Even if Alipay did not have over the matter, but the Alipay friends more is a fact, on the other hand, a variety of funds for Alipay sponsorship.

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