with the popularity of the Internet, e-commerce has become a trend in recent years, many companies have joined the tide of e-commerce, an attempt to share in the big market in the internet. At the beginning of 2011, Chinese group purchase market be in full swing, a time across the group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like blossom everywhere, like a "spirit of Ukiyo-e". However, less than a year, nearly half of the group buying sites have been declared closed or transformation, the rest of a few large buy site is also difficult to seek capital injection has continued to maintain its operations. With many large group purchase website change radically the business enterprise executives in 2011 alone, there are a dozen very famous business executives, many people put forward "the electricity industry on the winter, China that the electricity supplier industry will enter a period of relatively flat.

for the above phenomenon, we can not help but ask: China’s electricity supplier in the end how?".

First of all,

, we look back on these executives leave.

1:, vice president of the original red child section of winter at the end of March this year turnover, and joined the domestic classification information website 58 city, served as vice president, director of human resources and work site.

2: Lining, director of e-commerce of Lin Li in the end of April this year, leaving Lining, entered the Pacific Life Insurance at the beginning of May, the development of online promotion and new channels for insurance. Insiders said that the traditional business owners are quick, online merchandise sales performance is not ideal, can not meet the sales expectations, which is an important reason for the resignation of Lin li.

3:2010 at the beginning of the year, Huang Ruo joined dangdang.com Ren COO, responsible for the Department of books Dangdang, commodity procurement, operations and sales, in the meantime, should implement the United States listed on the NYSE, and greatly enhance the proportion of sales department. Huangyan in June this year to leave dangdang.

4: the afternoon of July 27th this year, Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong micro-blog said, the original meituan Shanghai region general manager Wang Yang, city manager Gao Shixing, Liu Ning, Hefei city manager Yang Zheng, Wuhan city manager Zhou Shiguang, national sales champion Jie Jiantao, more than 100 people have joined Wo Wo Group.

5:2011 August Wo Wo Group Strategic Cooperation Director Ye Yun because of the Wo Wo Group business, impetuous blindly burn practices do not agree, angrily resigned. He said: "I am in micro-blog because micro-blog released a different personal views and values of Wo Wo Group, Xu has caused discontent, was ordered to delete micro-blog, I have resigned, will restore free recently." Ye Yun has worked in micro-blog for Wo Wo Group malicious competition means to criticize, including illegal poaching, exaggerated layoffs, malicious hype, for Wo Wo Group is eager to misappropriating public practice, ye Yun also expressed strong opposition. In "the China group purchase boss who is most likely to abscond with the money" vote, he will vote for the Xu Maodong CEO.

these are representative

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