most of the time, people will not be able to communicate because of contact with the outside world in the predicament, such as to where no human habitation mountaineering, adventure, because these unmanned area often have no mobile phone signal, then once trapped, will be in danger. Portable wireless device GoTenna is to solve this problem, so that even in the absence of a mobile phone signal or Wi-Fi network can also send text messages.

GoTenna today announced that the company has just received a round of $7 million 500 thousand financing round of financing led by Walden Venture, MentorTech Ventures and Verizon subsidiary BBG with Ventures investment. GoTenna said the company will use this round of financing to expand the size of the team and product line.

GoTenna relies on low-power Bluetooth signals, through the supporting mobile applications, users can send information to other users who will be paired with GoTenna and their phone. In terms of price, GoTenna two is priced at $199.


in remote forest areas, GoTenna signal transmission range of 3 to 4 miles (about 5 to 6 km), in urban areas, the signal transmission range of 1 miles. GoTenna longest signal transmission distance up to 50 miles. In this region, the two sides even if there is no cell phone signal can also be free to text messaging. GoTenna can not only call one to one, as well as group call function, and even to the effective range of all similar devices to send information. In the case of a full power, GoTenna can send 700 messages, can work continuously for 72 hours.

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