although our mission is to promote the practice of content marketing, but we found that many people still need to improve the basic knowledge. More specifically, people need some way to connect these points with all available information.

2014, CMI published a series of articles to help marketers back to basic content marketing, or to improve what they are doing now. If you miss the whole series, here’s a quick start version.

1 define your target

when you do anything, including thinking about what you want to make it clear why you do it. What kind of business do you want to move forward with content marketing? Here are some of the goals and objectives:



remember to keep asking, "how will this project support our business goals?" if you find that the content of your plans cannot support these goals, don’t take it for granted.

2 create your company mission

your company’s mission should be that all successful marketing efforts need to be strengthened in three ways:

audience – the most accessible to the audience through content

products: a variety of product information that can be passed through the content

– if your audience is obsessed with your content, they will try to use your product


even if everyone can find a case, your audience should never be "everyone", as far as possible specific.

3 record your strategy

if you spend about CMI, then you probably know one thing: effective and ineffective marketing strategies to distinguish, and optimize the one you inefficient, is the key to record your strategy.


from the simple start, and continue to improve from there.

4 decided to discuss the topic

although many people have begun to discuss the type of content they want to create, they do not have a plan to follow the steps. And when you put the plan in place, you need to consider what you want to cover the main topics of content marketing.

here are some ideas that can help you determine which topics are better for your audience:

provides a simple questionnaire or database.

in-depth study of Google analysis, in order to better understand the article and page layout, and with your audience have a strong resonance.

consider other topics that appeal to listeners. For example, in CMI, >

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