according to informed sources, Shanghai rice network technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as rice) will go to Meinasidake listed in the second quarter of this year, the main business is rice’s "Moore Park", "Purcell" children’s virtual community and its derivatives business line.

he said, rice has been profitable, its main income from children to buy virtual pets, rely on the VIP customer 10 yuan monthly profit. In addition, rice began experimenting with comics, cartoons, toys and other derivatives business line. But the official did not wash rice specific revenue situation and.

he said that rice financing plan will focus on the development of the line of business, continue to expand the line of derivatives sales revenue. The main way is to cooperate with enterprises under the line. For example, Mengniu line launched cooperation and drinks, cooperation and Zhongwei company, opened in Chengdu, the first rice’s flagship store.

this is just the beginning, rice CEO Wang Haibing has said that rice’s many clothing stores also will be in the second half of 2011 started quickly, in May 2012 is expected to open 40 stores. The rice of online business and offline business revenue accounted for 9 more than 1, and strive in the next 5 years two business adjustment ratio of 1 to 1.

November 2010, Wang Haibing in the 2010 annual China game industry annual meeting said the summit dialogue, rice will open up online and offline, through the network, animation, publishing and other industries. Taomi future goal is to be able to become the most popular Chinese family favorite children’s entertainment company.

Analysys International analyst Yu Yi believes that the current China children accounted for a population of nearly 15.4%, about 250 million, every year there are 16 million births, scale and market prospects of children’s good.

rice company is children’s Internet content provider Chinese products. According to the rice released data show that it has 180 million registered users, 30 million active users reached -5000 million.

2007, rice Tencent co-founder Ceng Liqing and Sina senior vice president Wang Bin $1 million angel investment. In June 2009, rice won $5 million in venture investment qiming. But the rice network did not disclose the equity distribution.

previously, Wang Haibing was responsible for Tencent QQ pet project development; rice co-founder Cheng Yunpeng served as assistant general manager of the advertising department of Tencent. In October 2007 two people founded the Shanghai rice network technology Co. ltd.. In December 2009, the company’s "rice network" officially launched.

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