access to text information we can go to Sina, where to get video information where we go?

at present, there are a number of domestic video sites, in these large and small video sites, popularity rankings have nearly 70% of the content is pornographic, violence and other content of the video clips. This is due to the beginning of the video site is based on the user to create content as the basis for the majority of users to provide a platform to show themselves, and the site is just the content of the audit and information integration.

this situation excusable. Curiosity driven by friends in order to earn rate and upload some pornographic, violent video; and most video sites are in the pursuit of "popularity" will turn a blind eye to this, even secretly encouraged; users are interested in this film with some views, containing pornographic videos, even up to a million times.

at the same time, relative to the maturity of the text information, the majority of video sites are lack of video content duplication of resources. Why is there such a problem? Because the video production cost is much higher than the cost of text information, which is why most of the contents of the video site is relying on users upload to obtain sources. In order to improve their site popularity rankings, members will directly by some software, some wonderful video clips "other sites copy" to their own video site; some video sites will also directly to other video sites to large quantities of "duplicate" video clips.

China currently has nearly 100 million broadband users, the video is a great potential for the development of Feng shui. Internet users in addition to Sina and other sites to obtain text information, but also need access to video information. We all know that the video in the United States has been the mainstream media, then in China, the current video sites accounted for the mainstream gossip, spoof, pornography and other content to meet the needs of Chinese netizens?

Sina experience can actually give some inspiration to the current video site. Sina’s success is a model of Web1.0, which meets the needs of people to obtain text information. Through the integration of traditional media information, combined with the Internet fast, comprehensive features, and soon formed a concept of people in the view of the news, on the Sina concept.

now, people have a full access to video information needs, but who can tell me, "look at the video information, XX"? This XX>

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