technology news Beijing time on November 11th afternoon news, the U.S. social photo sharing site Instagram’s upcoming live video broadcast service, joined the war in major social media company, with traditional TV programs for the audience.

"live to make us very excited. We think this can strengthen the existing business." Instagram CEO Kevin · (Kevin Systrom) said, "if you try to strengthen the relationship between me and the people I love, through live video is obviously a good way."

live video has become an important battleground for YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram parent company Facebook. Facebook even regarded it as the core element of increasing the number of users and enhance user interaction.

Facebook Mark · CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) said last week that the company will be in the "Application of our family," the priority of the development of video features in. Facebook is through a variety of tests, the video will be placed in the core position of News Feed. Facebook Messenger chat service is also testing the new camera and video features, Instagram also launched a similar Snapchat Stories features, can be automatically deleted after a day.

"people are making and sharing more videos, and we think it will become more and more important." Zuckerberg said at the Facebook conference call.

since May of this year, Facebook live video has grown by 3 times, the company recently launched an ad to attract ordinary users to broadcast their daily lives.

Facebook has said that its ordinary users to watch live video time to reach 3 times the number of other types of video. Analysts at Midia Research expect the Facebook live video to attract 6 times the amount of recorded video – a steady rise. The company is also trying to add advertising in live video.

YouTube live video viewing over the past year, an increase of 80%, Twitter and Snapchat have also signed a live broadcast with the American Football League (NFL). Snapchat also said that in 2016 the first week of the opening of the Rio Olympics, a total of 49 million independent users to watch the Olympic Games through the platform.

Instagram often to competitors from various functions, the company launched the Stories imitation Snapchat function, and has played a success — two months after the launch of Stories, the active users already burst >

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