Admin5 stationmaster net April 12th morning news, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in today’s Baidu Union summit, the current Internet opportunities are summarized as: intermediate business, dutushidai, applied to the king three. At the same time, he pointed out that the industry should be quiet in the current prosperity, in the case of overheating should focus on their own business.


sixth Baidu alliance summit held today in Yunnan, Lijiang, Baidu executives and partners will work together to open innovation, the future development trend of the Internet to communicate and discuss.

Robin Li was at the summit opening keynote speech. Last year, he had to the overall situation to describe the development trend of the Internet, and after a year, a number of Internet companies have been listed, micro-blog and other applications gradually rise. Accordingly, Robin Li believes that his judgment last year is correct, he also pointed out that the Internet industry has been overheating.

trouble in the static, which is the next four years, Robin Li gave the industry to determine the word.

In recent years

localization of Internet service and mobile Internet has become the direction of many entrepreneurs, but Robin Li thinks that this direction is not suitable for Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, he said, "local mobile is definitely not here most of the entrepreneurs, or Chinese Internet entrepreneurs the opportunity".

explains the meaning of these four words, Robin Li said Internet companies should not be confused by the prosperity of the industry’s surface, but should be clearly aware of what is really their own opportunity. To focus on their own thing to do, Robin Li, for example, micro-blog is very fire, but micro-blog is not your opportunity, micro-blog is the opportunity for sina".

so what is the opportunity of the Internet industry now? Robin Li summed up the answer to three. That is: intermediate business, dutushidai, applied to the king.

, the intermediate business refers to the Internet business combination of traditional industries and traditional industries to undertake, he believes that the perception of the Internet and acceptance is not enough, should change the current Internet to consumers of the situation. Robin Li said that tourism and other traditional industries have been combined with the Internet paradigm, but more opportunities to wait for excavation.

dutushidai judgment is decreased with the bandwidth and server costs, the picture represents more valuable content. Robin Li pointed out that the mainstream of the Internet began to take place some subtle changes, he believes that in the next two or three years, there will be a good company in the field.

application is the essence of the king, in Robin Li seems to be the marginalization of the operating system. He talked about this topic, said the application wants to get users and traffic, you need to support the platform. "The platform does not stifle innovation, but innovation," said Robin Li. In fact, over a period of time

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