March 4th, released the 2013 fourth quarter earnings, stock price immediately soared 32%, as of March 5th closing of its market value has exceeded $9 billion 500 million, approaching the 10 billion mark. The stock market soared, it is because of the beautiful earnings impact (growth + profit); but to’s volume, the market value of billions of dollars is a bit inflated; one of the reasons, media experts from different angles interpretation, unable to agree on which is right.

saw the news above, you also unfamiliar with it, why? Because is too fire, the whole network of to give you two photos You’ll see.



Baidu hundred gave a special topic, do you say fire? Then we are going to look at the news about!


see it? In just 35 days, the news about reached the top about one million. found it great fire.

so, why are there so many reports, is not released a fourth quarterly report? The other company also released, how I have not seen such a fire? After reading these reports, I have an idea, want to buy shares. We follow the money earned. I would like to, wrong! This is a plan of stock dealer! This is their shipments rhythm ah.

we all know that the ship is shipped in a piece of praise. Are completed in a positive. So I come to a conclusion. This is the makers to ship rhythm ah. I think I’d like to remind you. And I was deeply impressed by the dealer planning ability. Take a look at this is the real master, with some of the current business planning up, really is not a level. This is where I’m going to study. Here to remind you, the dealer is sure to be shipped, but the time we are not sure, should be high sideways and even the emergence of a new high!, as for the time, we can make nothing of it, a dealer to ship it is inevitable! It is in a



: please remember last hundreds of Baidu in that several writers about They take the money! Want to learn planning friends, learn to learn with a good teacher.

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