I am engaged in a professional for foreign trade enterprises to provide network marketing solutions for service companies, in recent years, has accumulated a lot of experience in customer service, I talk about some of the following errors.

1    network marketing is a marketing link, and gradually develop from the past 10 years from now, network marketing has become a development tool for some early creation of the company, or even the only means of marketing a certain company. However, in the history of enterprise development, the application of network marketing is constantly improving and groping, do not remember the myth of network marketing. If there is a company to tell you, and now how amazing marketing network, then you drive him out. Early in the development of the Internet, the network company and the site is relatively small, the relative lack of information sources, most of the companies with less trust in the network, leading many companies early marketing is not necessarily a good harvest, the so-called got up early, catch a late set, but the harvest is more or less there are some. Now the site is not too small, but too much, so the relative surplus caused by information, but also to produce a network of enterprises do not have the effect of view. Don’t refrain from exaggerating the role of network marketing, network marketing but for today’s society is a must.

2 network marketing 50% rely on people, by the product of the 50%. Because of the fierce competition in the domestic Internet Co, and various manufacturers need competitive products, our country Internet companies who have boasted of how powerful the product, simply a product of the blowing cut deep thought as if it were raining flowers, is not desirable, never need to know there is no savior gods, a software again how powerful, in the vast ocean of Internet information strength is weak, although BAIDU      GOOGLE    Yahoo they seize the source of information, in today’s world, marketing channel by a single product line to maintain the product is not desirable.

3: network marketing to win in the details, from the domain name to the space, from the program to art, from the reception of customers to communicate with customers, network marketing is a systematic project, please pay attention to every detail, here the details please refer to my article, foreign trade website construction of several blind        ; not described here.

        a little feeling about us, we often tell customers, network marketing can not solve all the problems, but can solve many problems, network marketing to a large extent can solve a lot of problems, but do not believe that network marketing is not a ready-made panacea, a panacea, enterprises need to network marketing in consideration of the overall strategy of enterprise marketing, making detailed plans carefully to implement, and network marketing is a long-term process, not instant success.

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author is Shenzhen M

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