open the Tmall Star shop, almost all sales too horrible to look at. Tmall will have those stars involved in the shop (not endorsement type) called Star shop, give special channel and support, even so, the shop sales with the visibility of stars than simply, there is a world of difference.

this is a very strange phenomenon. Star endorsement to do business, often can "gun", but their own shops with fans and fame, keep going by painstaking effort, I will not slip out of mixed ah, how will

so badly?In fact,

stars do business, really is a can be divided into various grades and ranks.

Dan: first

star, no brand, red wine on Chyi Chin’s case: why "difficult"

super girl Tan Weiwei was born, micro-blog also has about 1800000 fans. However, she sold a scarf in the Tmall Star shop, not to mention the fans will not buy, do not know whether or not.

normally, opened a store, Tan Weiwei should be to let fans know? But see her micro-blog, not seen on the star store a half term.

again watching her shop, in addition to her home videos, the rest of the page find its trace, and the shop’s overall style and design, still remain in the three years ago, not to say "wood louse style, high grade atmosphere, but also to fashion beautiful little fresh, but this shop is completely amateur play that was a disgrace.

and find one, just know, this shop is probably not her intention.

we all know, star brokerage companies rely on paving the way, brokerage companies rely on the stars to make money. In fact, Tan Weiwei this scarf shop, but the brokerage firm with the reputation of the means to make money, Tan Weiwei. Brokerage company holding Tan Weiwei’s portrait, just need to find a level of a shop, change the name, put on a few pieces of Tan Weiwei’s videos, a so-called star shop, became. As for ideas, strategies, marketing system, brokerage firms can not manage so much, the best selling products in the star store is only sold less than 20 pieces.

this star + shop matching model, it seems that cooperation is simple, in fact, the most complex interests. Has participated in the famous star shop business manager Wang Zexu said a case to reporters: Chyi Chin brokerage company contact with him for half a year, want to let the king’s company for a wine brand, but has not discussed.

let the relationship we head stroked in this case: star, broker, Tmall, shop (operators), suppliers.

first, Chyi Chin is willing to do this thing, want to spend much time? If you like, very simple, holding wine commercials as is commonplace; send micro-blog WeChat is readily able to do; regularly engage in activities, the media are not invited to a friend; send a red ticket let us help bask in the single too.

if you do not want, but also reasonable. Chyi Chin’s annual income of tens of millions of dollars, even if.

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