yesterday, children’s network virtual community — Moore Park rice network operators announced that access to Qiming venture capital of $5 million, which is the company’s first round of overseas investment. It is understood that this is so far the largest amount of venture capital investment in the domestic children’s Internet Co, indicating that children’s game SNS (community site) began to attract the attention of venture capital. However, the industry believes that the existence of children’s SNS profit bottleneck, how to find a viable profit model also needs further exploration.

this $5 million investment has been able to meet the company’s recent product development and team building and other operating capital, the future as the company’s development, does not rule out the possibility of subsequent additional investment." Yesterday, Qiming told the "daily economic news" said.

"QQ pet" father founded rice network

Shanghai rice network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the rice network) founder Wang Haibing, who was in charge of QQ pet in Tencent

, known as the "father of QQ pet". Rice network was founded in October 2007, has received from the Tencent and Sina co-founder Ceng Liqing Wang Bin vice president of investment sources, the investment reached 10 million yuan. The company has more than 100 employees.


according to Moore Park stakeholders, Moore Park in May last year on the line, currently has 20 million registered users, the number of active users reached 6 million, is one of the largest children’s network products.

is Qiming venture investment institutions with a focus on investment and the early stage of development of the enterprise, and its American partner IgnitionCapital more than $2 billion 500 million in total funding for global management. The two funds focused on Chinese invested a total of $520 million has been invested, touch media, VANCL, gamma magnitude.

profit model still need to explore

previously, Qiming relevant responsible person said, this year will focus on the field of the internet. We are very optimistic about the development of China’s children’s Internet market. In China, the market for children’s game SNS is a blank, the need for specialized products for this market." Rice network Qiming investment director Gan Jianping said.

it is understood that the investment of nearly 1 years before, after the Qiming rice network market research, product, website traffic, users and a lot of the third party data analysis, determine the company has occupied a leading position in the children’s Internet market. Qiming, director general manager Gan Jianping said, "I hope to create the first brand of children’s Internet market Chinese".

however, the industry believes that the profitability of children’s SNS is still a bottleneck, how to find a viable profit model is still in the exploration.

is the most important principle to ensure the health and safety of children on the Internet

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