renamed China ( February 14th news, micro-blog today’s circle of friends, in addition to the full screen show of affection outside, the biggest news is that the taxi drops and quick taxi this quarrelsome lovers even in the Valentine’s day in hand. Netizens in two serious thinking after a taxi software to monopolize the market, there is no taxi subsidies, but also can not help but laugh, drops and fast in the end who attack who ask? Small, drops and fast after the merger, the domain name

decide on what path to follow?

fast and drops the "hatred"

was born in 2012 at the same time the taxi drops and quick taxi ( (, from the moment of birth is hostile to state rivals, the two companies are always fighting in a taxi software market, in order to market share accounted for from time to time staged all martial arts, busy playing, completely is a "Yu Sheng, He Shengliang drama.


figure: drops fast merge

for example, the last year with vigour and vitality of burn wars, two taxi software is to raise the amount of subsidies, will be secretly competing with openly moved to the surface, but a pinch fight at outrance, burn burned awfully, in just six months, the two companies have burned 2 billion 400 million yuan.

in the burn war died down, the two companies in addition to competing in the original market, will also look to the car uniform field, has launched the "one car" and "car drops" service. A field to sike. In the recent rush envelopes activities, drops and fast is to give users send various preferential red envelopes, constantly infighting.

contractors who want to play two intense outside, has long been secretly "grew up", "work", "now even pull card directly, announced the marriage.

fast and drops the domain name

In fact,

drops and fast, although the business has been in the contest, but they have to say in fact quite understanding, for example in the domain name, the two companies have agreed not to choose the brand Pinyin domain name, with the taxi drops the official website is the parent company of Quanpin domain name, fast taxi is using the three spell

and they are not to protect the brand Quanpin and In addition, they were previously launched limousine service, Didi car domain and one car are no protection in the arm, were registered first.

drops and fast marriage will be happy?



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