micro-blog users broke Jingdong recharge system vulnerabilities


technology news October 31st morning news, according to many Sina micro-blog users broke the news, market Jingdong recharge platform (http://s.chongzhi.360buy.com/) last night around 22:30 loopholes, many users taking calls using this vulnerability, and lawyers remind these users may be suspected of theft.

Jingdong recharge platform vulnerability

today, many users broke the news on micro-blog, said last night between 22:30-23:40, the Jingdong recharge platform appeared BUG (vulnerability): integral recharge activities launched by Jingdong in the same period, whether or not to charge fees to charge Q money deducted points, means that users can free unlimited recharge.

on the other hand, due to the Jingdong the platform declared that "1-10 minutes of arrival, yesterday evening even up to 10 seconds to complete recharge, many users found this vulnerability, the vulnerability information dissemination in the QQ group, micro-blog on the news that there are users up to exploit the vulnerability to recharge a $360 thousand bill, the Jingdong loss will reach 200 million yuan.

according to sina science and technology to understand, Jingdong recharge platform is just a new feature on the line yesterday, is in the test period. Jingdong insiders confirmed to Sina Technology, last night, the vulnerability was exploited by hackers to cash, but the specific amount is not so much".

, according to its introduction, the current internal processing of the matter, the technical part of last night has been repaired, the law began to intervene in the legal aspects.

This is not the first time the Jingdong

platform loopholes, recently there are a lot of user account stolen by the balance of consumer response, Jingdong has always stressed that this is because the previous CSDN site data recruit hackers leaked caused sequelae.

for the event yesterday evening, Jingdong official said indeed for the line integral to buy new business when the system caused by BUG, but the loss of 200 million yuan, is purely a rumor users can normally use the points to exchange for goods.

lawyers remind users of alleged theft behavior

seems to be the Jingdong should be liable for the loss of technical negligence, but from a legal point of view, some of the opportunity to take a large amount of cash during this period of user behavior has been suspected of crime.

Beijing Sheng Feng law office lawyer Yu Guofu said to Sina Technology, although the Jingdong system loopholes, the existence of negligence, but if there is a malicious user of a lot of cash, still belongs to the nature of "theft". "As I forgot to lock the door, not equal to the thief can legally empty."

, according to Yu Guofu, if the user does not know when the recharge yesterday, the existence of loopholes, only

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