heard the shocking news, Pan Asheng rushed to Jinhua from Taizhou. In Zhejiang Jinhua city innovation International Building entrance plaza, he encountered many like him shocked and terrified the franchisee.

June 12th, they jointly joined the Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd and its tens of thousands of shopping website on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling crime, has been investigated and closed the relevant departments. 8 in the morning, the public security departments in the city of Jinhua arrested the people involved in the case of the 47.

"toxic apple"

through a friend, Pan Asheng in October last year, began to join the vanguard shopping, then, just happen to thousands of shopping boom period.

before that, he didn’t even know the site. Pan a-sheng has been operating in Taizhou clothing trade, business commom;cynical.

in the acquaintance society, word of mouth is a very fast communication channel. This is also the vanguard shopping development model is a very important part, most of the members are introduced through acquaintances.

At the beginning of the establishment of

, Wanjia shopping is just an annual turnover of 1 million 650 thousand yuan of the third party shopping guide network, the site is basically confined to the Jinhua area. Business information shows that in May 2010, Jinhua, Yongkang and others should be built in partnership with the establishment of the Zhejiang registered Agel Ecommerce Ltd, registered capital of 5 million yuan.

to the end of May this year, the "million shopping" has been set up in more than 2 thousand and 600 counties nationwide agent, entity alliance shop also across more than 2 thousand and 300 counties, a total of more than 90 thousand franchisees, have the right to dividends senior membership of about 700000 people.

pan is in the last year has been developed in full swing, when the time came, he did not know, this looks very beautiful and sweet model, is a toxic apple.

"we just joined the business, it is very simple, such as a piece of clothes I am here, the label is 1000 yuan, the average customer will hit the door a ten percent off." Pan Asheng told reporters that the price of a piece of clothing is 900 yuan. If it is ten thousand shopping, the members of the door, it is also sold at the price of 900 yuan. However, this 900 yuan in the need to be turned over to the "million shopping" in 16%".

in accordance with the "shopping rebate mode", the franchisee sales amount of 500 yuan for each product, need to pay 16% commission to "million shopping", the 16% is the "million shopping" rebate source. For example, franchisee sales of 1000 yuan of goods, it is necessary to come up with $160 turned over to the Wanjia shopping".

the "million shopping" members can enjoy what kind of benefits? For consumers, "million shopping" to 500 yuan per designated 1 dividend rights, that consumers buy 500 yuan of goods, you can get 1 bonus right, 1000 yuan is >

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