Deng Ya Ping debut camp

According to

Sports Weekly reporter Li Shaozhou reported in germany. In October, the third camp Beckenbauer forum held in Austria resort Keats Bigel, the world famous sports personalities gathered together to discuss prospects for the development of the world sports industry, sports industry has become one of the Chinese theme of this forum. Former table tennis star Deng Ya Ping was invited to attend the camp of the current forum, Beckenbauer.

at the invitation of Beckenbauer, Deng Ya Ping attended the camp of this year’s forum, and delivered a speech on the forum as a guest of the Chinese guests on behalf of the. "Beckenbauer is very kind and friendly. It’s a bit like Samaranch. They’re very charismatic." The two sides met Freemasonry, Beckenbauer left a good impression on Deng Ya Ping.

for a so-called "light 2 billion" rumors, Deng Ya Ping laughed, "fair mind, rumors will burst." According to the reporter learned the news, the so-called lost light 2 billion thing indeed It is sheer fiction. Internet industry of Deng Ya Ping, in the immediate search performance is positive. Physical education and management, the combination of Deng Ya Ping duck.

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