"now everyone is working."

this afternoon, in the East Fourth Ring of Beijing City, 28 creative office building, and his colleagues have just smoked a cigarette Lee Xing (a pseudonym) up, if told reporters.

through the printed IWOM window, the reporter saw, the company’s front desk is still in normal office, and the office area is still a lot of employees sitting in front of the computer, tapping the keyboard.

and seemingly ordinary work behind, Li Xing where the reputation of interaction (IWOM) company has been caught in the whirlpool of public opinion.


today, media sources said, in the national public security organs to carry out centralized combat organized manufacturing network spread rumors and other illegal crime special action, Beijing police and the Beijing interactive word-of-mouth marketing planning Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "interactive word-of-mouth") six pr.

by the Beijing police investigation, word of mouth interaction and other six network of public relations companies collude with some of the intermediary and the site staff engaged in the illegal operation of the information service network. Dozens of suspects were arrested for the crime of illegal business, non national staff of bribery, bribery of non national staff were arrested, involving more than 1000 yuan.

this case is the national public security organs to focus on network a typical case of organized crime and other illegal manufacture spread rumors special action, is also high on the handling of cases of the network after the introduction of the new judicial interpretation, the public security authorities seized the largest company of network public relations.

At present, the case is still under further investigation in

. For the company’s customers are affected, as well as the whereabouts of the next step, Li Xingyao shook his head and walked back to the office. Today, there are a number of interactive word-of-mouth staff declined a reporter’s interview.

behind the interests of the chain: 9 months to pay the cost of deleting Posts 470 thousand

China Ping, ZTE, Wuliangye, yum, Biguiyuan, Eastern Airlines, taobao.com, sina micro-blog…… In the official propaganda of word of mouth interaction, well-known listed companies are not in the minority.

main business network reputation management features, to the community, micro-blog as the representative of social marketing, so that word of mouth interaction in the industry has no small impact. On the Internet, interactive word-of-mouth success case introduces a few "Taobao seckill" and "Sina", "micro-blog run China safe orange gloves", "Micro Air China flight", "COFCO sun empty bowl", "Snow Beer Trekker" etc.. It is not only a member of China International Public Relations Association, China 4A Association, or the United States WOMMA (word of mouth marketing) members.

in a public occasion in 2012, Yang Fei, President of word of mouth, said the foreign exchange, micro-blog marketing now accounts for about thirty percent of the company’s interactive business reputation, is expected to increase revenue of 30%-40%.

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