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has 50 thousand fans of the "known goddess Yao Tong, because a Dota account is peeling. This is portrayed "beauty florist, Fudan Curve Wrecker, boyfriend, born sick but positive childhood sweetheart" image of the account, proved to be a male. In a few months ago, "Yao Tong" with his trumpet "little CK" Zibianziyan a female college student without money for donations of drama, published by Alipay account to defraud 150 thousand yuan donation.

in the Yao Tong tax fraud incident was exposed, known on Thursday (January 14th) and Saturday (January 16th) released two announcement, said it had contacted the police, and the feedback to the police.

knows the goddess is peeling

"Yao Tong" in December 2014 26 to answer "childhood sweetheart is a kind of experience" became a hit.

in the answer, Yao Tong put the characters out of shape: preliminary is an orphan from good adoption, there is a boy of his childhood sweetheart caress, later father died and his fine boys never abandon, also admitted to Fudan and study abroad, finally opened the flower lovers, when the boss.

this answer in the know almost got 58 thousand praise, the reply to the 6777.

Yao Tong self portrait as a beauty, most of the answers to the questions focused on the good life of the soul of chicken soup, the rapid accumulation of a large number of fans, before the account was deleted 59806 fans accumulated.


Yao Tong’s cheat donation began in June 12, 2015. ID is a small CK (later confirmed to be Yao Tong’s trumpet) question "has long been illness, the end of life is the best choice?", said he was in college students, no money to ask for help, and announced the Alipay account in second days. In August, Yao Tong replied: "what kind is the biggest person can do?" said to visit the little CK, "she told me just a few days, she received a lot of money on the knowledge, you guess how much? 60 thousand! I know almost unbelievable" is a very caring place".

but the image of the goddess in the instant collapse.

January 13, 2016, a known user search to the "little CK" the ID, "found a congenital heart disease surgery girl, failure of a life without love girl, even in dota (heroes never played the role?? dota is not clear) for their known ID, and the QQ and Alipay account was flesh out, was confirmed by Yao Tong and little CK for the same person, no disease and male.

so far, Yao Tong lied to donate a thing out.

know the responsibility of


event on the 14 day of continuous fermentation, there are users called for official

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