please help tui18 expert analysis of access control system station.

1, website address

2, station time 2007

3, PR4


4, website type enterprise station

5, site positioning to all access card service needs of the crowd service.

6, the advantages of

7, the problem of key words of access control, attendance, access control system, attendance system, access control and other key words do not go.

8, other instructions in Baidu do SEM, now removed from the. Now please professional guidance how to site revision and promotion?

thank you!

Jiang Likun:

consulting key word access control, attendance, access control system, attendance system, access control and other key words do not go

just looked at, not normal, because these key words are more popular, the first page is basically the purchase of Baidu PPC business. These key words, it is the best access to Shanghai, followed by attendance, the other three if you do not want to spend a lot of money, then basically do not consider.

do keywords ranking method is like this, the first page of the TITLE to have this key word, and mainly do to row in the first. For example, we can get the title of the home page on the first page of Shanghai access. Then the text inside the home as much as possible access to the word Shanghai, the key words and description of the page to have him. Have done a good job, take Shanghai access as the title of the exchange links with others, it is best to link one-way. To do so, and others search Shanghai access control, your ranking on the front.

website is nothing to say, nothing more than is to pay attention to SEO and optimization, because the enterprise station is basically the case. If you take a step further, it is to increase the content of information channels, and even simply change your station into a professional station or station. Or do a separate such a station, so you can do their own publicity, with the flow of. Of course, this program takes into account your resources.

promotion well, we have this product is relatively special, so basically rely on the money to promote the method, the main problem is to find some cost-effective approach. The free way, really didn’t want to come out too well, probably is spam, so the method of mass forum posts.

Peng Yucheng:

other issues several expert have said in the

I tell you how to do a few key words:

first a key word to do, and so do rankings, and then do the next keyword


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