website to promote a huge and vast systems engineering, the method will be a tsunami like speed will be presented in front of the majority of their web site users. But the website promotion is not limited to the basis of promotion, more and more of the promotion for the webmaster webmaster identity, but in the new competitive environment we should not only seek greater breakthrough in the conventional methods of website promotion, should also be the actual situation according to their website to find a new suitable website promotion way, only in the website promotion strategy correctly under the guidance of the website promotion work to get great results, we have done the basic website promotion, are actually doing soft advertising for your website. And this kind of network advertising in the promotion of the website obvious role. And the network is not just a form of basic promotion. Webmasters can also try to advertise on other sites. Common forms of online advertising include: BANNER advertising, keyword advertising, classified advertising, sponsorship advertising, Email advertising, etc..

from the majority of Internet users browsing habits, are not willing to accept this form of online advertising, that is the practice of rogue eye. So webmasters in the release of online advertising need to pay attention to the following aspects:

network advertising is related to

here refers to the relevance of the webmaster to put advertising must choose and their own website or their own products related to the site. If I sell a cabinet to a sell electronic products on the website of publicity will play a great role in what? The correlation is put in order to avoid the webmaster should not spend the money to spend to do the wrong thing, reduce unnecessary advertising costs. Furthermore, there is no relevant network advertising for users without substantial help and click desire.

network advertising form is reasonable

now browse a number of large sites, Tencent, Sina, etc., in the home page of the site will have a pop-up ad pictures, and some even with sound. Although this form of advertising website benefits, advertisement also won the advertising show, but from the user’s perspective, this form is very annoying, win the part of the attraction, most users will not hesitate to turn off the pop or pop pictures, not to look at the pictures on the page or describe how wonderful content. This is the form of a huge price and little gain.


virus in the free website promotion in marketing is a fast way, but personally think that any circumstances are not going to take this way viral marketing, good perception of the web site to enhance the image of users and not a little help.

network advertising design humanization

mainly refers to the design and production of advertising pictures are beautiful, the size is moderate, not in the scope of the Internet users can accept. Perhaps you do not all of the online advertising is very exciting, but the ad has been attracted by a virtuous circle

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