my station is built up with UCHOME in Luanchuan region’s largest real dating network community – Luanchuan, it is our own site of the Internet users in Luanchuan, but also our own happy people in the network of!

although I feel more accurate positioning, but because the station time is too short, and this is the first site I do, in all its aspects are still in the stage of learning, but also because when the election is the domain name together and our local Baidu Post Bar a name, now Baidu ranked in the old lead Baidu Post Bar behind, so we in Luanchuan local fame has not reached the expected target, this course and I just take the method of QQ group propaganda also has a great relationship.

in order to better promote our Luanchuan, especially to the next line of Luanchuan, we formed a good publicity and promotion, combined with the positioning of Luanchuan, we make friends, we are planning for the "Luanchuan netizen Spring Festival Party activities, after a series of planning and preparation, determine the held in the fifth day of the new year, below the arrangements for the event to share with you the next


initial activity vision and program

by the end of January 4, 2010, Luanchuan, we have 341 members, all of our Luanchuan people! If we can all know in reality, and become good friends, we will be able to expand many contacts, as the saying goes "friend" the way! There may also be no love merry. But is the same, we are Luanchuan this big family, we all need to have friends at the appropriate time, so we hope it is not to find a suitable opportunity, let us in reality together again?

I think, is the Spring Festival! You may have more time to engage in this activity, so I hope you call, write their own opinions, hope the participation of friends can offer a name here, then according to the application and then decide the specific issues.

my idea is this:

activities: tea in the morning, noon dinner, singing in the afternoon. In this way, Wu’s have, eat and drink are also, men and women can also participate in.

costs: we start their contacts, hoping to find a suitable free sponsor, if you can not find the right, we AA.

we need to find sponsors: 1, teahouse; not much, the environment is good.

2, hotel; do not need much, the environment is good, the characteristics of food on the line.

3, ktv. This need we Gexianshentong, find a good sound effects.

4, the other can be willing to provide you with any discount volume, discount cards, VIP membership card business also. So we can get these little harvest, ha ha.

can find their respective areas of excellence, we work together to complete.

we look for praise

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