generally have two categories of medical industry, the main source of tourists is not relying on Baidu bidding, one is forbidden word industry, and the other is the size of the hospital is very small hospital. Because the former is no keywords words, so I can only do some typos, may not develop Baidu auction channels. The latter because of their technical strength and other reasons, can not be converted into online traffic, so the initiative to give up the bidding. Of course, like the kind of Shenzhen Humanity Hospital always insist on doing optimization, do brand words, less bid is a case. So when it comes to medical network marketing, Baidu bidding is a topic not open around. Bid for understanding the complex, so I will be divided into several articles to elaborate my understanding of the bidding, the main subject of this article is my initial review for the relationship of each element in the bidding, mainly for the novice, veteran please skip.

said the bidding process, I believe that friends have seen graphic tutorial and various versions on the Internet, the dismantling of details I believe we already know a lot, such as creative recording, keyword matching, the click rate of qualifying and so on, many novices are all the energy consumption into the degree of optimization, keywords keywords quality price competition, and ultimately their work evolved into the creative writing and use of ranking software. Occasionally look at the matching search terms, if not on the right, if it is right, but the account does not add. Over time, they feel that the auction is boring, their ability to break through, the price is always just bidding and adding words.

This paper aims at

from the origin of the system and the establishment of the bidding, to sort out the many elements such as the establishment of the relationship between the creative, click rate, landing page relevance, the bidding keywords packet, rather than the common people from the perspective of the quality of key words, hoping to re recognize the bidding system, and then based on the accumulation of bidding ability.

first, we think about it, why? In fact it is bidding for specific keywords ranking buy. You pay the money, when some users search keywords, you can rank in front, a user will be able to click on the corresponding entry to your landing page, so the early bidding is actually in the money for the cost of more accurate SEO. The auction is the core keywords, when we are in the creative recording, click rate and landing page relevance, when troubled by the official Baidu’s quality factor, the core content of their work is to remember words, what kind of words should be cast, what words of the grab, what kind of words should be that is, the most important issues in bidding.

okay, now pull the conversation back. I just said, the essence of the auction is for specific keywords to spend money to buy rankings, here we buy the original intention, is the key word ranking. But because of the long tail effect, so we don’t want to give up those we are not exhaustive out of the long tail word, so the bidding system was developed for us to use pattern matching. So the system is also made up of people, and how to achieve this matching model? Who did SEO

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