life, we will often find such a phenomenon, if a person says to you, "that girl is very beautiful," you are not feeling, or ask: how beautiful?

and if someone says, "that girl is very beautiful, very much like Fan Bingbing", then you know more clearly, oh, is very beautiful.

, of course, a lot of people think fan ye not beautiful, but when used to describe the "beautiful" girl, you can’t perceive the beautiful degree, and with "very much like Fan Bingbing, at least you can have an understanding of the girl.

even described the girls: lip point and red, and green eyebrow painted face, if silver bowl, eyes are like a pair of apricot, Danfeng triangular eyes, two curved willow shoot brow lift, slim stature, physical coquettish, not noodles with spring Wei Lu, red lips did not start laughing to smell.

that would be more vivid, vivid, as the parties stand in front of you. Because our brains are associated with memory, associated with thinking.

back to the product and copywriting is the same, many companies will use abstract, vague statements to the user to create a tall feeling, will be listed on the advantages and characteristics of a bunch of tall.

result is that users do not understand the root, simply do not understand what your product advantage is. And when the user is unable to establish sufficient knowledge of the product itself and the understanding of the subsequent behavior can not be carried out, and the first step is to copy the cognitive products, if the products are not for user cognition, then you more channels, more exposure will be greatly reduced.

, let’s talk about the problem.

‘s existing research suggests that:

is based on the schema of human knowledge (brain existing knowledge and experience of the network, can Baidu) are stored in long term memory, and once formed with considerable stability, and there will be preference when choosing information content and the corresponding tendency, can lead to new information processing and event prediction.



cognitive psychology, schema is defined as the basic structural unit of cognition, and it is considered that the whole cognitive process is a series of circular processes, such as orientation, extraction of features and knowledge in memory. When the external senses accept the shape and character of the thing, then it is processed by the cognitive pattern formed by the inner part, and the pattern encoded into the new thing is stored in the human brain.

in other words, we are accustomed to using the inherent cognitive structure to explain and understand new things. For products, we are also accustomed to using the inherent understanding of the past to understand.

Cognitive schema

this is similar with the previously mentioned, for a completely does not have the background knowledge of the people, a large number of descriptive language people completely grasp the mind and use each other already understand things >

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