, for example, afraid to drink Wang Laoji. It is the use of scene Quhuo, when you get angry, you think it may not remove hot, but Wang Laoji.

different scenes, will form different products.

the same product, in different scenarios, in fact, the meaning is different. In a different position, it will become a different product.

takes the number 0 as an example.

number 0 represents different meanings in different places in life. When it is used in temperature, 0 is a freezing point. When it appears on a test volume, it is 0. When it is used to describe the number of time, on behalf of a No.

another example of a liquor.

it is used in different scenarios, the nature of the product changes. In the supermarket, it is a bottle of ordinary wine. In the pharmacy, it has become a bottle of wine. It was a gift to relatives and friends.

product scene is to product positioning.

a scene, it will correspond to a class of products. The product of the scene, is to give yourself a classification. What are the benefits of it? It allows customers to quickly find you in a variety of goods, like the library’s book code. The infinite scene in life, you just need to find a product of their own scene.

gold wine. The elder, the golden wine. ]

this copy is the scene, so that gold wine product positioning is very clear. When you go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of wine to drink, very few people buy wine. But when you buy some wine for your elders, you are more likely to buy wine.

more and more brands, to their products with a scene, to the product code on a unique encoding. Let’s take a look at the picture.


The biggest advantage of

coding is one to one search. Compared to the scene, there is no more associative memory point.

product scene is the breakthrough point of small brands.

big brands can occupy a large channel, but it can not occupy all the scenes. The same product, how small brands on the shelves with the big brand confrontation? How to make consumers choose you rather than choose other?

do not expect price or strong advertising, which is tantamount to the egg smashing stones. A good way to solve this problem is to "Scene" positioning.

The purpose of

advertising copy is to make the product to establish contact with customers. The stronger the correlation, the greater the probability that the product is selected, which is also the relevance of the text will always emphasize. Products with the scenes of life is closely related, there will be no consumer scene.

brand through various means and channels

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