early promotion:

Baidu included, what links I do not say! This is clear to everyone that some quick!

A: Baidu Post Bar: Baidu post bar to improve the flow of fast method! You can go to the site to find the post bar ranking! Some not very popular but also very popular post bar publicity. (Note: hot Post Bar have local administrator) website can conduct propaganda in the city Post Bar! Although for the business class site is not very effective, but to increase the flow of the website forum is still quite popular! If you want to do! Content is king ~

two: Baidu know: Baidu know propaganda is indeed a good stuff, the user is more direct! Because it is a question and answer the community! Need talent will come here to look for the answer! Make good use of Baidu know the propaganda campaigns need to adhere to! If you answer every day, slowly mix what experts, like you the answer is more authoritative, more likely to be adopted, I believe we all understand Baidu generally put their content in front row, so this is good! Do what needs to be the best! A propaganda way you do extreme than you have no purpose to do effect to a large number of.

three: BLOG promotion: now do you stand not BLOG or the earth? How to establish BLOG! Many benefits: A: Oh nothing to write some original increase his style of writing. Two: to establish their own circle, make friends. Now the social networking is wealth! ~ three: BLOG can link to your site, although the weight before the effect is good! But still good! Four: free soft release! Nothing to write a soft, what, released soon! And most important!!! Movie website please look at


to create a own blog! Especially movie entertainment site! Keep daily update! If you have a very good writing, and keen sense of smell, can find the Sina editor to recommend the taste!! it is the day of hundreds of thousands of hits! Bring you how to have a point


BLOG article and their own websites! Such as movie website: can you recommend some of what the ten horror movies, ten popular movies such as love movie!! or according to the current hot series to write an article on the site to watch! Take it! The premise: service, your site if the resource is not rich, not much! Watch the worse effect! What do you take to keep your God


, for example, take a look at my < love; the legend of Bruce Lee > it is going to be on CCTV immediately!! but the network have! This series will be a bit late! After all, CCTV is generally show it ~ ~! Say I look good in! This before you can publish something about this movie content such as stills!! for example, the


in the article with the address: a certain.Com>

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