Abstract: in the concept of another wave of baptism, we called on the Internet car familiar and unfamiliar, but in the end what is the Internet car


when Ali and SAIC to a Roewe RX5 to Yunqi Town, seems to have proclaimed the birth of the first Internet car to the rest of the world.

since 2015, the car has undoubtedly become a major focus of the IT sector, the degree of concern is almost over the phone, smart watches and other digital products. Car manufacturers are actively showing their unmanned systems to the outside world, the Internet giants are also frequent action. In the concept of another wave of baptism, we called on the Internet car familiar and unfamiliar, but in the end what is the Internet car, we may wish to consider the following four questions.

question 1: how to define the Internet car?

back in 2010, car manufacturers have begun to use similar concepts to educate users, such as smart cars, smart Internet vehicles, Internet vehicles, car networking and other concepts. Of course, in the face of this huge monster car, can play the imagination will not lose in the mobile phone, computer, and so on the Internet car definition also appeared in three stages.

the first phase can be roughly classified as car + mobile era.

even though many models of the vehicle entertainment system increasingly perfect in function, but not on the interactive experience and perfect, at least compared to both the convenience of the intelligent mobile phone or playability is not a small gap. So, the car + mobile phone seems to be able to bring more possibilities, the phone and the car will be connected to the mobile phone features projected onto the car screen, and thus achieve more features, such as communications, voice operations, etc.. Typical representative is Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto, Baidu’s Carlife and music as the ecolink.

second stage can be called "Internet plus car" era.

although CarPlay, Android, Auto and other brands to enter a number of new models, but the limitations of the function and cell phone compatibility and other issues, the situation is not very optimistic. In fact, many car manufacturers to build intelligent vehicle system has long cherished wish of independence, such as the Internet, general Jetion TOYOTA G-BOOK, BMW drive, Mercedes Benz My Command is a new generation of vehicle system has the network function, can listen to music, talk, use the browser and other simple functions.

only car manufacturers in the operating system on the foundation is not "proven" Internet Co, Ali YunOS President Zhang Chunhui introduced, equipped with YunOS Internet car for the first time in the online perception map, voice interaction, auto camera function, but also the life service platform and intelligent hardware platform.

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